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fine arts and art theory blog deals with different aspects of fine art, focusing on the artistic work of Friedrich Zettl. New series are presented and individual pictures are explicitly discussed.

General articles for a better understanding of Chinese painting and calligraphy appear under ART THEORY. To get a quick overview, there are short videos on various topics at:

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The children’s book of my last post

The children’s book of my last post is not a project in progress, it’s just a play around. If you want to play, play with us! Now that I have started with the topic and my last post on it received such positive feedback, I would like to write a little more about it. Thanks…

new horizon

A few weeks ago I came across a meditation where you should practice the following: Sit on a high level and imagine the wide horizon in front of you. Easy. But then: “Imagine the wide horizon BEHIND you”. And then the horizon left and right. That changed a few things for me.

Criticism: Not amused with the Emperor

A few criticism examples by Chinese artists over time. Most of my blog posts deal directly or indirectly with art in the broadest sense. This is insofar as I attach great importance to dealing with Asian philosophies and art history in the broadest sense. I don’t touch on political issues, although this post might suggest…

ginkgo leaves in autumn and winter

Ginkgo leaves. Theme and four variations. In late autumn the leaves like gold lie in the meadow. In winter, a few leaves always manage to peep through the light snow cover.


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