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fine arts and art theory blog deals with different aspects of fine art, focusing on the artistic work of Friedrich Zettl. New series are presented and individual pictures are explicitly discussed.

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Bada Shanren Fish – Daoist Talks (IX)

Ziran is a fundamental concept in Taoism that can be understood as “naturalness” or “spontaneity.” It refers to the inherent nature and self-so of all things, emphasizing the importance of following the natural flow of the universe rather than resisting or attempting to control it.

environment and nature topic

From time to time I dedicate myself to the topic of the environment in my paintings. This is also the case in this picture, which addresses the topic of environmental destruction in a special way.

Interview for TV and Stream

Interview for TV and Stream: Earlier in the week I had a TV crew over at my house. A portrait was shot of me, which will be broadcast on Chinese television and on the streaming service.

Daoist Talks (VIII) Ego versus Self

Daoism distinguishes between the ego and the self. The ego refers to the individual’s sense of self, which is often shaped by societal norms, cultural values, and personal experiences.


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