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The blog (journal) deals with different topics related to Friedrich Zettl’s artwork, articles on arts, related announcements, and art theory. The focus is on subjects related to Chinese art. New posts appear regularly, usually one post per week.

Pictures are discussed, new projects are presented or articles on general topics of Chinese art are presented.

zettl fine arts portfolio

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The portfolio gives an overview of Friedrich Zettl’s artistic oeuvre. It shows his early Western-style paintings, and his work in the China years 1978-1985 and afterward. Since 2020, the focus has been on works that combine modern Western art with traditional Asian concepts of art.

under the sea, abstract painting for the fine arts blog

changing perspectives, detail of a painting for the fine arts blog by friedrich zettl

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selected artworks by Friedrich Zettl are available as originals or high-quality prints in all sizes.

Friedrich Zettl video channel

short videos introducing Zettl’s artwork and playlists related to art and culture.

Basic facts about Friedrich Zettl

Friedrich Zettl was the first European to be granted permission to study at the Central Art Academy in Beijing after the Cultural Revolution. During his second visit, he researched Chinese painting and wrote his dissertation on Chinese free-hand painting 写意画. Freehand brushwork emphasizes the semblance in the spiritual aspect. This kind of artwork does not aim to capture physical similarity but rather grasps the most obvious or essential spiritual characteristics. Freehand brushwork focuses on the personality and the cooperation of every element in the painting. It is a manifestation of spiritual thoughts and experiences.

Before studying traditional Chinese painting, Zettl had dealt with Western-style painting, especially Expressionism, and had exhibited these works in European countries. However, by studying traditional Chinese painting, his focus shifted, and Asian thinking has played a large part in his work ever since.

Zettl’s brushwork and composition capture the philosophy and technique of Chinese calligraphy. He is closely connected to Daoism and Zen Buddhism, which are clearly expressed in his work. His artworks capture the essence of nature, the beauty of the moment, and the harmony of opposites. Zettl works mainly on paper and uses fine inks and ink. He has developed his own techniques that combine Western media and Asian concepts in novel ways. His influences include Arnulf Rainer, Huang Binhong, Oskar Kokoschka, and Max Ernst. Zettl has exhibited his works in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Europe and Asia. He has also published or illustrated several books on Chinese art published by oe.g.c.f and Bacopa Verlag. Friedrich Zettl is a versatile and innovative artist who builds a bridge between the Western and Eastern worlds. He is always looking for new inspirations and challenges.

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