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student prank with Wang Ziwu 王子武

chickens after Wang Ziwu
Traditionally, the Academy in Beijing invited well-known painters of classical Chinese painting to demonstrate their painting techniques on Saturday mornings. The purpose of the exercise was to give the students an insight into topics such as the structure of the picture, brush and ink techniques of well-known painters. Twice the academy responded to a suggestion from me and since the […]
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portraits – a new page

girl from the PLO gouache painting
A new page has been added: Portraits. It links to 5 series of portraits and a page with previous portrait paintings. My series generally consist of some 20-30 works. The unsold ones are listed. The early works are mostly oil-paintings and more will be listed soon. PORTRAITS
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portraits V

b/w scan with overpainted portrait
For many years my main focus has been painting portraits. As usual, I prefer to create series with around 20-30 pieces of work. Then I switched to a new technique or style. Here are some of a series from 1985. https://zettl.blog/portraits-v
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