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Fine Arts Portfolio Friedrich Zettl

Portfolio Fine Arts: The links in the upper part lead to more recent works from 2020 onwards, and the links in the lower part to earlier works.

The following categories in this portfolio show both completed projects and ongoing series by Friedrich.

new series from 2020 to present

There were several focal points in Zettl’s oeuvre. Chinese calligraphy with its principles of brushwork and composition is formative. These traditional principles also flow into abstract or gestural works without being overly dominant.

short video portrait of Friedrich Zettl and his Zen painting

older works from the beginning to 2020

In the early years, Zettl mainly devoted himself to figurative art. In addition to landscape painting, it was above all portrait art that set the tone. From the years in China, between 1978 and 1985, techniques and philosophy from traditional painting took a central position.

featured: shops and video channel

Zettl’s works are also available for purchase online. Both shops offer different selected works as originals. Furthermore, the paintings are available as high-quality prints in all sizes.

bursting sea. painting as sample for zettl

Find blog posts on these and similar topics are posted regularly on https://zettl.blog/journals/

zettl.blog is a platform that showcases the works of Friedrich Zettl, an artist who has been active in the art world for several decades. The website is a treasure trove of his completed projects and ongoing series, which are categorized into new series from 2020 to the present and older works from the beginning to 2020.

Zettl’s oeuvre focuses on several points, including Chinese calligraphy, brushwork, and composition. These traditional principles are evident in his abstract or gestural works, which are not overly dominant.

The website also features a shop so you can purchase selected works as originals or high-quality prints in all sizes. Additionally, you can check out Zettl’s video channel to learn more about his artistic process.

If you’re interested in exploring the world of fine arts, Zettl.blog is a great place to start. It’s a visually stunning platform that offers a glimpse into the mind of this artist.

Don’t miss the new posts on relevant topics at https://zettl.blog/friedrich-zettl-fine-arts/journals/

recent postings at zettl.blog

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