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  • day dream job

    day dream job

    and some remarks. Day dream job: Little boys, especially those of preschool age, often aspire to become firefighters or police officers. However, I’m not sure about girls’ future career aspirations. I’m also not sure what my vision was as a 5-year-old. Probably a demolitionist, since my father was one at the time. When I came…

  • between cold and heat

    between cold and heat

    We have an old joke: “Should you take medication if you have a cold?” “Absolutely! If you don’t take any, it will take 7 days until you get well again. If you take some, you’ll be back on your feet after 1 week.” Well, it took me more than 2 weeks to stay in bed…

  • a kinda yin-yang too

    a kinda yin-yang too

    Not many would immediately recognize the yin-yang aspects in the two images I present today. As an extra there is a short video about the presentation of Zen images.

  • When the let-go period is over

    When the let-go period is over

    Presentation: I have chosen a work that probably does not immediately cause a “love at first sight” feeling to everybod. Plus a book presentation video.

  • Something totally different: My new Friend Bing Chat

    Something totally different: My new Friend Bing Chat

    Something totally different: In various conversations, in social media, and also here on wordpress, I very often see a negative attitude towards ChatGpd and Bing Chat.

  • the magic sea

    the magic sea

    Magic Sea Opera: Even if the idea that I would like to present today might sound unrealistic or at least utopian at first, I would by no means see it as unfeasible. Namely, the idea of an opera as a total work of art, in which the visual part is the actor