waving goodbye photo of little chinese girl

goodbye #WordlessWednesday

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Last photo for #WordlessWednesday project

With this last photo of the Wordless Wednesday Project, I would like to thank everyone who has followed this series and, of course, I would especially like to thank you for the numerous feedback and likes.

 photo of little chinese girl waving goodbye
a little chinese girl from guilin waving good-bye, 1979. © friedrich zettl

A photo for #WordlessWednesday – no words, just pictures. Allow your photos to tell the story.

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27 responses to “goodbye #WordlessWednesday”

  1. aparna12 avatar

    This is such a lovely pic. ♥️♥️♥️. Your Wordless Wednesdays blogs are awesome. But it’s impossible for me to be wordless 😂😂😂.

  2. Zettl Fine Arts avatar

    Thank you so much! You are very kind! I am mostly “wordless” when I read your posts but I nevertheeless enjoy it very much.

  3. gary j avatar

    Thanks for sharing! such outstanding eye, depth and diversity. Truly a delight to have experienced. Be safe and well, greetings from oz

    1. Zettl Fine Arts avatar

      Thank you Gary, for your kind words and for joining the trip! Be safe and well too and enjoy your days!

  4. luisa zambrotta avatar

    Simply wonderful! 💙💙💙

    1. Zettl Fine Arts avatar

      Thank you so much! 💙💙💙

      1. luisa zambrotta avatar

        My pleasure 🙏

  5. Béatrice avatar

    Thank you.

    1. Zettl Fine Arts avatar

      I thank you!

  6. Bon Repos Gites avatar

    Hopefully, a return next year? 😉

    1. Zettl Fine Arts avatar

      When I started this I thought it was a project of a certain quality. But most of them post about cats and dogs or use it for advertising. That doesn’t make any sense. Thank you for taking the journey. All the best!

      1. Bon Repos Gites avatar

        It is a shame when such things descend into a popularity show of kittens and bakes. Congratulations on sticking to quality! 🙂

      2. Zettl Fine Arts avatar

        Thank you so much.

      3. Bon Repos Gites avatar

        You are very welcome! 🙂

  7. swabby429 avatar

    I love the universal childlike innocence this image conveys.

    1. Zettl Fine Arts avatar

      Thanks! You found exactly the right words.

  8. Ashley avatar

    The background is so very like a Chinese painting, more unreal than the little girl, who makes me want to know her name and know how she is in this troubled world! 🙋‍♂️

    1. Zettl Fine Arts avatar

      Thank you very much, Ashley! I am very happy that people like you see the photos as intended. All the best 😀

  9. annieasksyou avatar

    A beautiful, moving photo–one that I can’t separate from current events in China. As you’re so deeply imbued in the country and culture, are you and your art being directly affected? I’ve been thinking of you.

    1. Zettl Fine Arts avatar

      Thank you very much! For me, the situation in China is not of great importance. The unsold paintings from my last exhibition are still in China, but that has to do with the Covid situation.

      My Chinese painter friends are of course “not amused” about the current politics and their situation is certainly much worse than it was a few years ago. But the Chinese are patient and persistent and also know that the “bumpy roads” are almost everywhere in the world at the moment.

  10. artsofmay avatar

    The child, the setting with the striking mountains and the colours are very beautiful.

    1. Zettl Fine Arts avatar

      Thank you very much! This stretch of land along the Li River is particularly beautiful and has been sung about by ancient poets.

  11. Martha Kennedy avatar

    e quanta nostalgia… ❤️

    1. Zettl Fine Arts avatar

      I ricordi ci mantengono giovani 🙂

      1. Martha Kennedy avatar


  12. Susanna avatar

    What a pretty and eye catching nature. Always thanks to Mother Nature. Great Jod

    1. Zettl Fine Arts avatar

      Thank you very much! Yes, Mother Nature is full of joy 🙂

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