not much to see #WordlessWednesday

chinese bamboo and junk

#WordlessWednesday #china #riverscene

chinese bamboo and junk
not much to see. river scene in china 1980. © Friedrich Zettl

A foto for #WordlessWednesday – no words, just pictures. Allow your photos to tell the story.

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24 comments on “not much to see #WordlessWednesday

The photograph is simply elegant.

Thank you! It follows the principal of Chinese painting – but that is obvious 😀

nicely framed


Such a beautiful scene!

Thank you so much! Sometimes less is more – as the saying goes.

I completely agree with you!

Ich antworte mal mit einem Achtundzwanziger darauf:

Stille. Absolute Stille.
Nicht die kleinste Bewegung. Kein Hauch.
Ruhe pflanzt sich fort vom Land zum Wasser hin.

Mit lieben Grüßen, Edith

Vielen herzlichen Dank! Bin gerade am Flughafen von Fes. Hier sah es weniger ruhig aus 😃

Du bist in Marokko??? Ein Reisender gerade also, lächel… Viel Freude, wobei auch immer ❤

You say not much, but I see a lot. Beautiful picture, Maggie

Tantas veces podemos ver aunque no haya nada que ver.., puesto que los ojos a veces nos traicionan, mejor dicho, el cerebro nos traiciona y nos oculta aquello que está delante de nuestros ojos.

¡Gracias por tus sabias palabras! Sí, lo que somos capaces de ver siempre existe.

Not much to see? There’s a whole world…

Thank you, yes, for the experts 😃

Elegant bamboo framing this tranquil scene; wonderful. 🙏

Thank you very much! I am glad you like it.

A lot to see, i’d say. The point of view makes me feel privileged to look at this scene. I think it’s looking through the bamboo that does it for me.

Thank you, Linda, I am very happy to hear that. It was one of those moments in life…..

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Thank you very much!

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