one of the happiest and quite unusual variants of Taoism
my favorite Taoist - enjoy your day!

my favorite Taoist – enjoy your day!

Daoist priest in Shanghai

the happy daoist

Taoism is not necessarily boring in principle. And I am happy I experienced one of the happiest and quite unusual variants in Shanghai 🙂

Chinese female Daoist with quite a few bells and whistles 🙂
It seems that she was also very pleased to make my acquaintance.
Happy Mothers Day

Zettl Friedrich

alive and well and having fun

7 comments on “my favorite Taoist – enjoy your day!

thanks, you made my day!

That was my intention, Rose 🙂

The world needs more personalities like hers! Wonderful!

Thank you, Brad! Yes indeed. Our world would be much better with people who are in peace with themselves.
After midnight here – I will add something tomorrow.
When you walked through Vienna in the mid-1980s, you always came across WALULISO. He had chosen the name that was formed from the initial syllables for forest, air, sun. Most dismissed him as crazy – but today his concept of life is more topical than suddenly.

I think Taoism has much to teach the world, if only it would stop talking and listen.

Yes, Taosim is such a great phillosophy. But I am afraid to say too many western people do not understand too many aspects of it. My last lecture I gave was on Taosim in Chinese painting and although I had a powerpoint presentation for better understanding I still had the impression that most of the audience did not understand too much.

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