fish and chips #WordlessWednesday #snapshot

fish and chips photo

#WordlessWednesday #srilanka #fish

fish and chips asian style. negombo, sri lanka 2016.
fish and chips asian style. negombo, sri lanka 2016. © Friedrich Zettl

A photo for #WordlessWednesday – no words, just pictures. Allow your photos to tell the story.

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33 comments on “fish and chips #WordlessWednesday #snapshot

👏👏👏📷😁 funny

…and very tasty!

Nice composition!

Thank you! I will tell the cook – next time I’m there 🙂

The plate looks enticing and rather intimidating. 🙂

But the taste and the quality!! Right from the sea….In the first 4 days I tried 3 different fish I have never heard before.

That fish looks like he’s ready to eat ME!! Not for the faint of heart!

The eternal circle of life: to eat and be eaten:) or with an old Latin term: Memento Mori

Very gruesome!

You are welcome! 😀😀

What a fearsome-looking fish! Not my idea of an appetizing meal.

You are probably not the only one! But, well, tasty it was.

I don’t doubt you 🙂

Yowza, I don’t think I could eat a fish like that lol

I could swear you feasted on piranha! Not sure they’re edible, though.

It wouldn’t surprise me 🙂 Who knows what was in the wonderful fish curries. We had a great driver and he knew where and what.

Such presentation. Hope it tasted good.

Thank you! It did for sure….


Taste of life

Thank you! Yes, absolutely!

Though I eat fish, this one looks a bit scary…
reminds me of a piranha.

I guess you are not the only one 😀 And it’s about wordless….


I can imagine 🙂

Funny to look at this from a westerners’ perspective . I’m Asian, so I can relate 😁

Right! When I first had a whole fish on my plate 40 years ago I sure felt kinda uneasy and now a fish filet looks “strange” 🙂

Love that you were brave enough to push the limit, and now you’re a “whole fish” 🐟 convert! Bravo!

Thank you! I lived in China for several years and generally like SE Asian countries and local cuisine. Hardly any dish I have not tried 🙂

That explains a lot of things including the calligraphy and the fish head. Hats off to you. You are definitely one of a kind, a rare gem. Glad to have ran into you in my blog runs. Can I call you by your first name or any that you prefer? I’m sure I’ll be reading more of your posts in the future. It’s awkward not to be able to address someone. Mine is Emma

Glad to meet you, Emma! I am Friedrich. I am very happy to hear that you like some of my postings. Yes, I spent 5 years in China, long time ago. And many visits later. Unfortunately I have never been to the Philippines. Best wishes from Vienna!

Glad to meet you,too, Friedrich. Never been to China, but I’m sure the street food here in the Philippines is both exotic and challenging to the Western palate as well. Btw, maybe I’m just not tech savvy , I will try to find another way , but it’s so hard to access your posts on your blog. I came upon your post on #wordlessWednesday. Or maybe it’s just me.

Thank you for your kind reply! No, it’s not you who’s having trouble finding my postings! It’s wordpress once again causing mischief. The URL to fish and chips is (and should be):

wordpress apparently wants the visitors for itself and therefore shows:

Hardly anyone can navigate through my blog with it. I’ll try to get that fixed.
So if you click it should work.
Thank you very much for your hint! Nice greetings from Vienna!

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