one of those… #WordlessWednesday #snapshot

photo hanoi street scene

#WordlessWednesday #vietnam #hanoi

photo hanoi street scene
it must be one of those black wires. vietnam, hanoi 2018. © Friedrich Zettl

A photo for #WordlessWednesday – no words, just pictures. Allow your photos to tell the story.

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41 comments on “one of those… #WordlessWednesday #snapshot

God forbid anything goes wrong there 😲

🙂 No idea how they can find the right one. I checked for marks or so – nada.

I bet thet get a lot of crosslines 😂

“they” not thet. ( Mistyped)

If I was a technician, I wouldn’t dare put my hand anywhere near. 😊

I am always surprised to see such solutions.



Not the only such “hot spot” I saw there 🙂

It make me remembered the streets of my young time

Things are changing quickly and we often forget how we grew up 😃. Especially me as a senior…..

it’s true! I think so, I’m a senior as well

Those kind of cable junctions are crazy aren’t they!

Definitely ☺️ If you look at the lower part you see the connection to the shops.

Little wonder that people often just hack a line!

Simply amazing!

This reminds me of the speaker and component cables that are tangled behind my friend Jonathan’s stereo cabinet. 🙂

Jonathan might have a few less though 😆

no doubt 🙂

Talk about a tangled web!


Those microphones/bull horns. I can hear them booming “The East is Red.” at 7 am. This might be Hanoi, but it could be Guangzhou…

Right, exactly 😃 And then exercise

Yi, er, san, si, wu, liu, chi, BA! I got so good at counting to 8…

And jiu, and then one basically can count to endless 😃

Our loudspeakers only counted to 8 — part of the inimitable morning symphony of a Chinese university.

Revolution light 🙂

Yes! Ha ha ha!

And somehow it works! Maybe? 🙋‍♂️

I saw photos of similar utility posts in older parts of Japan and thought that even in congested New York City, you wouldn’t see this. I don’t know how they keep things sorted out in the US but I’m guessing in these parts of Asia they just slap a new cable on every time they install service for a new building.

Just to make sure: I really like Vietnam and Vietnamese people. I have been to Honor 3 times and Ho Chi Minh City……Yuo are right of course, and my photo was not meant to be offensive. It just attracted me and I tried to figure out how the system works. 😃

I didn’t see the photo as being derogatory at all, and I hope I didn’t sound so myself. I was just surprised the utility pole with a knot of wires was such a common sight in Asia. My older daughter’s Indian in-laws say they see similar poles in Jaipur where they used to live, and in Japan it’s almost a symbol of the inner city. There was one NHK TV show where in the opening scene of the intro there was a utility pole with the tangle of cables, which was supposed to establish it took place in “the gritty streets of old Tokyo.” I’m thinking though that with the recent number of record-breaking typhoons smashing through the Asian Pacific, the local municipalities will likely be pressured into switching to underground cables sealed in pipes. Then the tangled utility pole will truly be a symbol of an old, gritty past. 🙂

Right now I am in Morocco and I dare to say the Hanoi version looks pretty modern and safe 😆

Ich glaube, solch durchgeklügeltes System wäre heut gar nicht mehr machbar. So etwas wird sicher gar nicht mehr gelernt.
Ist dies nur einmal auf einer Straße oder mehrfach? Einfach irre, aber faszinierend anzusehen.
Herzliche Grüße von mir zu dir <3

Das war nur 6 Jahre her und ist sicher noch in Betrieb. Von gerade in Marokko – da gibt es dann auch ein paar Photos 😃. LG f

Zu schauen, nehme ich mir Zeit 😉

Herzlichst, ich.

I sometimes feel like this is what it must look like inside of my brain these days … 😬

Much of the same here 😎 But I guess we are not the only ones…..

OH WOW! Now that is a tangled nightmare!

Right, but if you live there is is normal.

Yes, I’m sure😳

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