angry dragon graphic on rice paper

Recent Work: Day 5/7 Surrealism

traces from the past: Surrealism

I started painting when I was 18 years old and the trigger was the surrealists. First, it was the literature of the group around Andre Breton and Paul Eluard, then Jean Cocteau and Andre Mason that opened up a new world for me.

max ernst The Triumph of Surrealism
The Triumph of Surrealism by Max Ernst

With painters like Max Ernst, the world of painting opened up for me. Now, almost 50 years later, I have painted an homage to Max Ernst. “The Triumph of Surrealism” (see above) from 1937 probably was the source of inspiration.

angry dragon graphic on rice paper

It is part of a series with homage to artists I have learned from or who inspired me.

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  1. Martha Kennedy avatar

    I love Dada. Years ago I spent hours in the Zürich Kunsthaus enjoying a huge exhibit of Dada in all dimensions. So much fun. I like the philosophy, too. Of course, I’ve made my pilgrimage to Cabaret Voltaire.

    1. avatar

      Oh yes, definitely! And they have shaped art as we do it today in areas such as action art, modern expressive dance, literature, music … to a much greater extent than most of us are aware of.

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