homage – old and new

This page introduces a selection of works from the last decades dedicated to the artists who have had a lasting impact on me.

hommage à berthold brecht: painting with two blossoms, ink and color on hemp paper
two bigger blossoms chasing small blossoms – hommage à Berthold Brecht

article on two bigger blossoms chasing small blossoms HERE

More related works in the portfolio

about the art form homage

Homage in fine arts refers to the act of paying tribute to a previous artist or work of art through the creation of a new piece. It is a common practice in the art world and can take many forms such as direct imitation, reinterpretation, parody, and satire.
Examples of homage in the visual arts can be found throughout art history, from Vincent van Gogh’s The Starry Night to Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain to Sherrie Levine’s recreations of famous works by other artists. Homage is an important way for artists to engage with the past, pay respect to the great works that came before it, and create new works that are connected to the historical and cultural context of the art.

Homage can also be seen in contemporary art, for example, artist Sherrie Levine recreated famous works by artists such as Marcel Duchamp and Jackson Pollock and presented them as her own works, raising questions about originality, authorship, and the role of the artist in society.

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