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copying old masters – 黄宾虹

A few samples of my copies of Huang Binhong’s works

The Essence of Chinese Painting (VI)

If you learn traditional Chinese painting, it is extremely important – from the Chinese point of view – to copy old masters. As I think so too I accepted the challenge and the work were well received.

In a certain way it is similar to studying classical music: finger exercises, up and down the scales, trying to understand why a composer put which notes and why.

When copying, one should under no circumstances try to imitate the original painting line by point. What is important is to grasp the spirit (qi 气) of the painting and to proceed independently. As long as you haven’t painted the picture dead, you’ve learned something.

Below are a few works – the original on the left, and my copies on the right. Please don’t be too harsh with your criticism 🙂

More of my paintings after or in the style of Huang Binhong can be found HERE

At regular intervals, I try to analyze various aspects of Chinese painting, its philosophy, concepts, techniques, etc. based on short contributions. I studied Chinese art, lived in China for 5 years, studied at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, and wrote my dissertation on Chinese free-hand style painting. My pictures are presented HERE. More articles can be found in The Essence of Chinese Painting.

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3 responses to “copying old masters – 黄宾虹”

  1. Martha Kennedy avatar

    In my opinion, your work is stronger than Huang Binhong’s in simplicity, movement and line, particularly the bottom painting. But I’m no scholar of Chinese painting.

    1. avatar

      Thank you Martha, you are so kind! I spent incredible lot of time to research Huang Binging and the more I learned the more I liked him. I have some more and I should look for a particular one which obviously impressed some Chinese experts with the result that an important scholar wrote on that painting. it looks all so easy but it is very hard to get hold of the spirit.

      1. Martha Kennedy avatar

        I would enjoy seeing more!

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