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China Report 50 years diplomatic relations

article by me in the China Report

The “China Report” # 179 is dedicated to the 50 years of diplomatic relations between Austria and China. As it is a special anniversary, the authors are particularly prominent in this issue. Austrian President van der Bellen, Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang, former Austrian and Chinese ambassadors, Federal Chancellor Kurz, to name just a few, wrote contributions on the occasion.

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shi tao versus friedrich

Daoist Talks (II): The Basics

Our main topic will be Daoism in Chinese painting. Understanding the essential aspects of the Dao should help us to understand Chinese painting better and more profoundly.

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Zha Shibiao album leaf

A simple picture and yet a treasure – ZHA Shibiao

Small album sheet by the artist Zha Shibiao that looks very simple at first glance and only shows its charm and mastery when we take some time for a closer look and reflection.

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