Duerer painting with Jesus and Mao Slogan

Easter Contribution

Albrech Dürer’s Christus am Kreuz and Mao Slogan

Easter is approaching and I have made a small piece of work for it. Old chromolithography by Albrecht Dürer was overwritten with Mao’s slogan.

Sure, this may seem a bit confusing, and I hope the work will endure in and of itself. But if you want to read more, you have to pay attention to the latest political developments in China.

This small work from Dürer’s early time is on a small wooden panel. It bears his monogram and the year 1506.
Mao’s slogan as a meta-level read in Chinese: 认真 作好 出版 工作 (Do the publishing work seriously). What looks like a random selection could be understood as an invitation to today’s opinion leaders and media who have brought about a Mao revival with large-scale campaigns in recent years and thus started a kind of revival. And they, with just as much publication work, initiated a new campaign that builds up the West as an enemy.

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  1. Martha Kennedy avatar

    This is powerful. I know exactly how terrifying it was for some Chinese to accept that suddenly the American teacher in their midst was NOT the enemy. When I see this kind of brain-washing happening in my own country I’m deeply dismayed.

    1. zettl.fr avatar

      We get brainwashed everywhere and people obviously like it. They like to turn on their TVs and can zip freely – from one commercial block to another…..enemies are created the same way. Exchange of culture might ease things, at least I hope so.

      1. Martha Kennedy avatar

        I believe that it would.

  2. Studio Arago avatar

    I’m so glad you liked my work so that I could be introduced to your blog and work. I’m following, eager to know more of Chinese art and culture generally, old and new. I know some, but not as much current beyond Ai Weiwei and the new exhibition of Shen Wei. And much a chile o the surrealists, dada, Rauschenberg, David Lynch, Johas Mekas, etc., especially Duchamp. Anyway, glad to have your work to explore. Thanks.

    1. zettl.fr avatar

      Thank you for your kind words! I will blog articles about Chinese art from time to time. I hope there will be some helpful information for you. However, I will hardly write about modern Chinese painting, but rather deal with traditional aspects that are essential for understanding.

      My previous contributions can be found at: https://zettl.blog/?s=essence
      Happy Easter!

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