gestural calligraphy sample

a kinda yin-yang too

and a video with much ai-help

a kinda yin-yang too: Not many would immediately recognize the yin-yang aspects in the two images I present today. For me, the contrast between abstract and figurative is also one. Or, as in the second picture, the treatment of the topic of ego – superego in Freud’s sense.

It is always fascinating how quickly one’s perspective changes when one feeds their visual memory accordingly. This is happening to me at the moment, as I am, albeit only on the periphery, engaged with AI . Although I generally follow a certain path in painting, I also enjoy savoring the flowers along the way and listening to the buzzing of the bees. Or getting stung. That’s where I am now.

Like most of my paintings, these two recently created works were painted with inks and Chinese ink washes too. They now seem to have a certain affinity with the aesthetics of AI painting, as it appears to me. I will have to be careful.

be careful little girl
be careful little girl
yin-yang painting
dragon riders

interpredation or not

Now I find myself in another dilemma: It is said that artists should not analyze their own works. It is best if they do not say anything about their works at all. I cannot relate to this attitude though. While this approach may have been considered a zeitgeist in the mid-20th century when many artists presented themselves as dandies and considered themselves godlike, it seems to me that it is no longer appropriate today. On the contrary, I see it as the task artists, as far as they are able, to present their personal view and thereby provide viewers with the opportunity to explore a different world or perspective.

Wolfgang Kubin cited the great Chinese poet Su Dongpo at our last book presentation, who never tired of explaining his poems. That was 1000 years ago and should still hold true today.

However, I refrain from explanations today.

the said video

Instead, I present a video that I created for promotional purposes, almost an infomercial. However, I hope this aspect has been treated discreetly. Just needed something because I am in talks about an exhibition that is very important to me. [2]

I want to show it because it demonstrates how almost all work for this video was outsourced to AI for creation. [3] (It still has small flaws, but I’m working on my skills.)


What is possible with image editing, especially now that AI is coming into play, may be beyond our current imagination. We still have a long way to go. For fun, I present a graphic that takes us into the realm of the fantasy world, the realm of splendor and glitter, with AI using a brush-ink work I did in 2021 . However, from an artistic point of view, it has no more significance than a shimmering soap bubble.

ai processed gestural painting
If my artistic endeavors don’t yield the recognition they truly deserve, I can always create masterpieces with my brushstrokes for the young girlfriends of my millionaire friends. They may not be Zen enthusiasts, but they sure don’t mind gold with a touch of Prada or Gucci.


[1] At this point, I do not believe that AI will be more than a tool for me to present my painted pictures in an appealing way. However, I also appreciate it as a great tool to quickly and easily create good design.

[2] The exhibition would take place in a very enchanting old castle in the south of Austria. It would be a splendid setting for my works. However, much marketing work would have to be done, and video presentations seem to be a useful complementary tool.

[3] Special thanks go to my son, who showed me a trick with which AI created this biography about me without me feeding it with any of my own text. The text was also spoken by a computer program.



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  1. Spira avatar

    Best of luck with the exhibition; I hope it will exceed your expectations.

    I agree with your thinking about artists explaining; my point is though, that someone in order to interact with a piece of art doesn’t need to know what the artist was thinking upon creating it. I believe that it minimizes/guides towards a certain path the experience. On a second level, yes, it can be discussed.

    1. Zettl Fine Arts avatar

      Thank you for your good wishes! You are undoubtedly right, there is no need to know what an artist was thinking when he painted. But since my work is heavily influenced by Asian philosophy, I thought some explanations might be helpful. Maybe I should rethink this. When I started blogging, I also thought that a discussion might develop.

      1. Spira avatar

        What you are doing here (blog) is superb. I wasn’t as clear as I should; I was talking about the ocassion when someone doesn’t invest the time & attention to interact with said art but instantly goes for the “fix”: What were you thinking when you painted X?
        Again, apologies if my words weren’t as succint as they should be. Your posts are deep, informative and I take in alll they offer with a joy a fellow enthusiast of meaningful conversations has.

      2. Zettl Fine Arts avatar

        No, I know what you meant! When I’m painting I hardly think; I’m somewhere mentally. What I’m trying to do is shed more light on the background and I think it is helpful for some readers. At least I hope so, because it takes some time to write an article. It’s always a balancing act, since readers are very different and have different approaches to art.

  2. swabby429 avatar

    For whatever reason, the second painting reminds me of the wallpaper on the walls of my grandfather’s den. I spent hours contemplating the obscure images. So, in a roundabout way, your work triggered some time travel. I wonder if such work influenced by AI collaboration would turn out in a similar fashion.

    1. Zettl Fine Arts avatar

      Thank you – great! I don’t know much about AI programs. The works created with AI that I have looked at so far are of very different quality and level. But one thing they always have in common is that they appear sterile, and above all, soulless – to me. Certainly useful if you’re looking for an unusual poster for decoration or something like that.

      There is still a lot to come in this area and whether that is a good thing is difficult to answer.

      1. swabby429 avatar

        Yes, AI images seem suitable for clinical environments.

  3. luisa zambrotta avatar

    I love your two recently created works and I really enjoyed your video on YouTube
    Sending you my best wishes for the exhibition💐💐💐

    1. Zettl Fine Arts avatar

      Seems I never said Thank You! Sometimes I get confused – old man syndrome 🤣🍸🌹❤️

  4. Zettl Fine Arts avatar

    Thank you so much, Luisa! Still an amateur’s work and still time consuming 😎🌹🌹🌹

  5. JMN avatar

    I like your suggestive phrase about “feeding the visual memory.” Compliments on the paintings, and regards.

    1. Zettl Fine Arts avatar

      Thank you very much🙏 ☀️😊 If we watch too much TV or ticktock we are feeding our visual memory too.

  6. Martha Kennedy avatar

    I think artists should do and say whatever they want with their work. 😃

    1. Zettl Fine Arts avatar

      Freedom for artists now🤣 How right you are, of course. Good art comes from a free mind. Some well-known artists rather belong to the prostitution genre – my opinion.

      1. Martha Kennedy avatar

        My opinion too. You and I paint very different things but I think we share a similar motivation even though I don’t talk about it. I know that because you DO talk about it.

      2. Zettl Fine Arts avatar

        Thank you, Martha! It’s similar to the music scene, for example. Those who produce music and try to give their best every day and go through all the ups and downs naturally see things differently than the buyer of the finished CD or the publisher of a music magazine.

  7. Rosaliene Bacchus avatar

    Fascinating, Friedrich! I connect with the color combination and design in “dragon riders” 🙂 With abstract art forms, it’s always helpful to obtain insight into the artist’s conception. On the other hand, when shared with the general public, the artist’s work can take on new meaning to viewers that also has legitimacy. AI’s interpretation of your painting with a touch of Prada or Gucci is quite stunning. Imagine the commercial possibilities of using the girlfriend’s portrait! Wishing you the best for a successful exhibition 🙂

    1. Zettl Fine Arts avatar

      Thank you very much, Rosaliene, for your kind words! I wish I had all the time to implement just a portion of what’s on my mind. Yes, I think the exchange of ideas and views should always be given attention. Especially when, like here, people from different countries and cultures communicate.

      1. Rosaliene Bacchus avatar

        I agree that our WordPress blogging community is amazing in bringing together different countries and cultures 🙂

  8. Edith avatar

    Friedrich, deine Gemälde SIND Kunstwerke. Und durch uns, die Betrachter, Betrachterinnen werden sie aus einer Bedeutungslosigkeit erhoben, an die du vielleicht manchmal denkst. Auch durch uns erfüllen sich die Bestimmungen, die du angedacht hast beim Malen.
    Von dir ist alles wert, angesehen zu werden. Doch Zeit muss man sich dafür nehmen. Mir ist kein Wieviel wichtig, für mich kommt es schlicht auf die Bereicherung an, die ich in allen Gemälden von dir erfahre. Je mehr man sich darauf einlässt, um so lebendiger werden die Farben, die Gedanken dahinter.
    Einen herzensguten Sonntagsgruß sende ich dir von mir,

    1. Zettl Fine Arts avatar

      Wie kann ich Dir nur für Deine, wie immer aufbauenden und ermunternden Worte danken, liebe Edith? Ja, man muss sich bei den meisten Bildern etwas Zeit nehmen. Und, so denke und hoffe ich, sehen sie für jeden im Laufe des Lebens anders aus, je nachdem, wo wir gerade stehen.

      Ich wünsche Dir alles Gute! 🌻Hab eine schöne Zeit und einen sonnigen Herbst! 🌹🍷🌼

      1. Edith avatar

        Deine Gemälde zu sehen ist mir Dank genug. Glaub mir, jedesmal entführst du mich in eine wunderbare Welt damit.
        Auch dir viel gute, vielleicht sogar schaffensreiche Zeit. Aber denk dran, das Alter fordert auch Ruhephasen ein.
        Bleib wie du bist
        mit Herzensgrüßen von mir zu dir.

  9. Dominik Alexander avatar

    I almost hate to confess that I somehow like the golden AI creation. But I also like your sarcastic commentary on it. Over all, it’s another great read of yours with spots of insides to your work. As I love everything green, I like the green dragon one best!

    Yes, AI reading still isn’t the best, so the video appears to be a little stiff, so to write. It’s still a good overview and I wish you all the best with your exhibition!

    1. Zettl Fine Arts avatar

      Thank you very much, Alexander! You’re absolutely right, of course, the teletext sounds horrible. I now know how to do it better. I’m just an old man who has become a bit slow. It’s also just playing around. But I still wanted to show it because the topic had been addressed in previous posts and I wasn’t sure what or whether it was understandable, what I actually meant, using AI help in various works.

      1. Dominik Alexander avatar

        Well, I wouldn’t say “horrible”. It just sounds a little too artificial. Still has got the information that you wanted the audience to know. And it’s more than I have done with video AI so far. Possibly need to in the near future 😉

      2. Zettl Fine Arts avatar

        Good luck! As always – it all sounds easy, till you start 😂

  10. Rose avatar

    Friedrich, what a joke with the AI golden glitterwork and how I detest it.
    Love to your vivid brush inkwork 2021 .Well ,AI will have different chances, but never be able to build real art, because ,very simple, you need a human beeing with a soul.
    Good luck for your exhibition, I am waiting.

    1. Zettl Fine Arts avatar

      Thank you so much, Rose! Yes, no soul, and above all, as far as I know, none of the AI programs are lovesick, listen to Schubert music while painting or are even drunk. So where is art supposed to come from? 🙂

  11. rose avatar

    Friedrich ,I like the inuit proverb and very much the idea, great artists had always a muse😀! we will never find out, what inspire art, but I m on your side, that sharing ideas about your art,will help us, to understand a bit more, whats going on in the prozess of creation. Have a wonderful day ….

  12. Priti avatar

    Wonderful painting beautiful colour combination! 👌

    1. Zettl Fine Arts avatar

      Thank you very much 🙏 I am glad you like it🌻🌼

      1. Priti avatar


  13. Belladonna avatar

    I love this painting!

    1. Zettl Fine Arts avatar

      Thank you very much 🙏 I am glad you like it 🌻

  14. Pkmundo avatar

    Happy Sunday 🌄

  15. Gerda avatar

    Tja k you for visitier g my site, so I had the opportunity to have a look at your splendid work.

    1. Zettl Fine Arts avatar

      Thank you very much Gerda! Schoene Gruesse aus Wien!

      1. Gerda avatar


    2. Gerda avatar

      I don’t know why this answer is so badly „corrected“ by autocorrection.

      1. Zettl Fine Arts avatar

        Oh, I guess we all know that very well, Just dont’ worry. Thanks! f

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