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Surrealism was an important topic in the work of Friedrich Zettl from the early days. At the very beginning it was collages in the sense of the early French surrealists. This was followed by a series of oil paintings that dealt with surrealism.

It was not until many years later, at the end of the 1980s, that there were a few more attempts with surrealism.

Now surrealism is increasingly moving back into focus. In a new, very personal form, with a painting technique he developed himself, which enables him to combine ideas of surrealism with other currents, such as expressionism or Asian techniques.

The first works in this new phase often referred to painters like Max Ernst in a very reserved manner or took up other concepts of the early Surrealists, such as Surrealist Automatism. as we know it from André Masson`s works.

The following is a list of works that show Friedrich Zettl’s new approach to surrealism. Concrete elements are noticeably disappearing in favor of a semi-abstract approach and gradually the surreal in the abstract comes into focus.

Catalog New Surrealist Concepts

The pictures are arranged in reverse order to the creation, as the newest works are always ranked first.

one of those nights
one of those nights
in the woods
surrealist painting ophelia
ophelia 2.0
painting about is versus is not
study for a seascape painting in oils by friedrich zettl
is versus is not 3 paining
is versus is not
what a dot can do
morning meditation painting
morning meditation with my friends the stones painting
river scene
morning meditation
painting vision at the pond

corona nd the sea painting
artwork by friedrich zettl study for the big bang
trying the big bang
remembering a landscape as negative of a film
remembering a landscape. hommage á max ernst
landscape theme and variation II
composition day and night
composition ink on yupo paper
surreal painting burning snow
burning down the snow
gestural painting titled beast

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11 comments on “new surrealism concepts

Some interesting stuff. Yes, I see the Max Ernst connection. Also a little Matta? I love Masson, BTW. Or I used to. Surrealism was very influential. Still is. Many different kinds too.

Thank you! Yes! Actually André Masson was important for me at the beginning. Especially his ink drawings. Later I realized that he was playing around with Zen-Buddhist paintings – but less good. Matta I liked a lot too.

BTW Thank you for mentioning Matta. Now that I checked his paintings again I realize how close to his concepts I am now.

Yes, interesting too the relationship between Matta and Arshile Gorky. (In more ways than one!) And that Gorky’s work is commonly regarded as proto-abstract expressionist. And that brings us full circle since abstract expressionism is, as it were, abstract surrealism. I’m making that up. There is no such a category. But there should be!

Some strong images. What medium are you using? Inks?

Yes, inks. Chinese ink which I grind myself and Western inks – spending a fortune on those 😄

Awesome stuff!

Thank you for your kind words! I am happy to hear you like my work.

The link to your post about your Chinese friend and the traditional sumi-e artwork … I notice many comparisons to Chinese script in most of the works shown here. Is it intentional?

Thank you! Yes! I have studies Chinese painting in Beijing and did traditional sumi-e for many years. My new works mostly seem to be Western but several aspects like composition and brush work follow Asian thoughts.

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