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trying landscapes again

I take a break from my calligraphy-oriented work. I always find it good to work in phases and to reflect in between.

Now I have made 2 studies for landscape paintings, which from my point of view have some good aspects. Like many novelists, painters usually never know where they are going. The way is the goal, so to speak.

mực thành phần phong cảnh trên giấy yupo

Actually, I wanted to work in monochrome again, but then found it better to reach into the paint pot again first.

landscape composition day and night

Next year I will have an exhibition in Vienna and there will be works on the subject of lockdown. “Not being able to travel” – and thus imagining the world outside will certainly also be a topic. As well as the dreamlike, not real, hunch, the memory like an old travel brochure on the bookshelf….

As with the top picture, I started to try the view through the window, some like looking through stores.

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  1. Martha Kennedy avatar

    I like these very much. The first picture first struck me as looking through a windshield in the rain. Beautiful work.

  2. avatar

    Thank you Martha! I am happy to hear you see the same 🙂 After my abstract works I was not sure if people see what I see. The idea with reflecting landscapes (as symbol for travelling and outdoor activity) in times of lockdown has something that tells me to reflect more.

    1. Martha Kennedy avatar

      I know it wasn’t your intention, but since I MOSTLY paint landscapes and, in particular, apparently, the sky, I’ve wondered why. But…even though I was painting landscapes before the lockdown, landscape became differently important to me over the past year and a half. You have shed a little light on my own question about my own work. A friend (another artist) told me to do a sky triptych and since I do what she tells me, I’m working on it. In a sense, the sky it totally abstract, but each of these paintings will be anchored (as my valley is) by a particular mountain massif.

      As for abstract work, a friend (who does inscrutable and, to me, meaningless collages) insists that it doesn’t matter what she does. The viewer is going to see whatever they see. She’s a true subjectivist, I guess. But I will always wonder why (except as a kind of meditation?) she makes these things. Not that I don’t “like” them. I like some of them.

      Your abstract works are NOT inscrutable. There is definitely the sense that there is a person behind them saying something. To me, that matters. I don’t think Kandinsky was just painting random lines and triangles, not at all. There is intention in everything he did and I see intention in your abstract work.

      1. avatar

        I think we’d have a lot to chat about art over a glass of wine….

        Yes, of course I see it that way. It doesn’t have to be for an artist to openly state his intentions in a work, but there have to be significant ideas in the work. Otherwise it’s not art but a decorative item or a Rorschach test.

        Of course, works by Kandinsky and Co. are shaped by stunning ideas that still affect art today. But you have to work out a lot as a viewer and it often takes years to penetrate deeper into these respective worlds.

        Basically, I try to ask myself, can I offer something in my work that goes beyond the external appearance? If that’s not the case, I’d rather leave it.

      2. Martha Kennedy avatar

        Exactly. I want to paint that ineffable, invisible power behind the phenomenon, a thing that isn’t asking for attention, but which — without — there is nothing more than a pretty landscape. And I agree. We would have a lot to chat about.

  3. summer with monika avatar

    what a fantastic world you create

    1. avatar

      Danke, das freut mich wirklich! Manchmal weiss man ja nicht, ob das, was man da hinschmiert, auch nur für irgendwen von Bedeutung ist.

  4. swabby429 avatar

    These are fantastic. At first glance, I’m reminded of science fiction landscapes.

    1. avatar

      Thank you so much! Wonderful! In a way they are fiction. Born in a time when the desire to travel was fiction.

  5. Anonymously Hal avatar

    Love these!!!

    1. avatar

      Thank you very much! Your kind words mean a lot to me!

      1. Anonymously Hal avatar

        You’re welcome ❤️

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