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There are many good artists here on WordPress and I find the work of quite a few of you very exciting. I know, of course, that most of you have not studied the art of Chinese calligraphy very intensively. So I would be all the more interested in whether the work I’ve been doing lately works can be appreciated by art lovers who do not come from that culture.

This is no “fishing for compliments”, but in times of Covid-19, exchanging thoughts on the internet is particularly helpful I think. So not the technical part of the brushwork but the question of whether the optical appearance is visually appealing and arouses interest or if is considered strange, weird, or no interest.

Thank you and happy work for 2021!

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8 responses to “Your opinion please!”

  1. China Dream avatar

    Hi. I understand, personally I like the abstract of what you do.. not all or every one appeals to me, but because i am partial to ab abstract art, I find what you don must interesting. We are all unique in how we express ourselves.. You combine, words and pictures, allowing for another version of what IS.

  2. avatar

    Thank you so much for your kind remarks! All the best for 2021!

  3. Janice Scott avatar

    I have no training in Chinese calligraphy but I can definitely appreciate the skill it takes to create the work that you do. I love the fluidity of the lines and the intricate construction of the words. I find looking at this work very inspirational and I really hope that you do a lot more this year! Maybe you could do a video/YouTube demonstrating how you make your art. I have watched videos of people painting fish and dragons with one brush, which is fabulous to watch.

  4. Friedrich avatar

    Thank you so much, Janice, for yor kind words! Much appreciated! Yes, a video sure would be useful. I will get me a new homepage/theme on wordpress with a more modern touch which makes using other media easier.

    I check your nice works from time to time and always find it inspiring to look at other people’s artrork closer. As mentioned I do traditional Chinese calligraphy since decades ( even studied at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing). But for many years I did not see modern Chinese calligraphy that struck me – but the Japanese, yes.

    Sure I will do more and will add some from time to time at my homepage. Good luck! f

  5. artcraiglongmuir avatar

    Hi Friedrich,
    It was great to see you were interested in my art. Can I say I’m a real fan of ink brush drawing and I like the way you manage the thick and thin lines in your calligraphy, it shows confidence and control. I also like your compositions. Thanks for sharing

    1. avatar

      Hi, thank you! The first of your works which struck me was the landscape with ink only. Wonderful light! I have to learn from you 🙂 Not sure if you checked my landscape paintings. You might find one or the other worth looking at it. One series is at Have a great time ahead!

      1. artcraiglongmuir avatar

        Hi Friedrich, I’ve just seen your landscape ink paintings. I liked your brush work a lot and the way you manage ink and water together. Your Chinese mentor taught you well. I get my Hahnemuhle Sumi-e paper online:
        I tried to attach a link, but if you google search there are quite a few sites.

      2. avatar

        Thank you very much! The link works fine and I will order. I actually have tons of paper whcih I bought ich China 30 years ago 🙂 But sure you know that trying a new kind of paper is always fascinating. Thanks and good luck! Friedrich

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