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of painted calligraphy, experimental calligraphy, gestural calligraphy, and traditional calligraphy.

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Catalog with 4 subgroups of Chinese oriented Calligraphy

オーストリアの画家フリードリッヒ・ツェットルのカリグラフィー , calligraphy, red ink on rice paper


painted calligraphy – 彩绘书法

This painted calligraphy portfolio presents works that are based on traditional Chinese calligraphy but in the painted way. These can be oil paintings with Chinese characters, works with colored ink, or works with Chinese poems.

这个书法展区展示了以中国传统书法为基础但已经绘画的作品。 这些可以是带有汉字的油画,可以是彩色墨水作品,也可以是一遍又一遍地写下中国诗歌的作品,直到出现巧妙的质感。


experimental calligraphy – 实验书法

Works from the experimental calligraphy series are based on old concepts from Chinese calligraphy, painting, and seal carving. There are also aspects of Western painting, especially the use of color.

实验书法系列作品以中国书法、绘画和篆刻的传统观念为基础。 西方绘画也有一些方面,尤其是色彩。

中国书法如画, calligraphy composition ink on paper
gestural calligraphy blue, green and black ink on photo paper, 中国书法如画


gestural calligraphy – 手势书法

Compilation of calligraphy showing works that are essentially based on principles of traditional Chinese calligraphy, but the characters themselves do not make any sense. At first glance, they often look like calligraphy, but it’s all about gestures or motoric writing.

手势书法显示的作品基本上是基于中国传统书法的原理,但字符本身没有任何意义。 乍一看,它们通常看起来像是书法作品,但这都是关于手势或动作书写的。


traditional calligraphy – 传统书法

This calligraphy portfolio shows works in classic Chinese writing styles. In addition to my own work, there are calligraphies based on works of the old masters of Chinese calligraphy.

传统书法展示了中国传统书写风格的作品。 除了自己的作品,还有以中国古代书法大师为基础的书法作品。

中国传统书法行书 running script calligraphy, chinese ink on rice paper by friedrich zettl
about Chinese calligraphy

Chinese calligraphy is an ancient art form that exists for many generations. It is a way of writing Chinese characters using a brush and ink. The characters are on rice paper or silk, and the brushstrokes are of great care and precision.

Calligraphy is one of the four arts of the Chinese scholar, along with painting, poetry, and music. It is an important part of Chinese culture and often appears in Chinese art, such as scrolls, fans, and other decorative items.

One of the key elements of Chinese calligraphy is the use of different brushstrokes. Each brushstroke of a character has a specific meaning. The brushstrokes are fitting in three categories: basic, running, and stopping. Basic strokes are the foundation of the characters and work to create the structure of the characters. Running strokes are for the lines and curves of the characters, and stopping strokes are for the points and angles of the characters.

Furthermore another important aspect of Chinese calligraphy is the use of different types of ink. Whereas black ink is the most common ink, other colors, such as red and blue appear too. The ink is a mixture of soot and water and comes in sticks.


In addition to classic Chinese calligraphy, there are also many different styles of calligraphy that have developed over the years. In particular, these styles include the regular script, the running script, the seal script, and the cursive script. Each style has its own unique characteristics and serves different purposes.

Chinese calligraphy is not only an art form but also a way to express one’s personality and emotions. Moreover it is a meditative and calming practice that can help to improve focus and concentration. Besides, it is also a form of self-expression and can create beautiful and meaningful works of art.

deng character by zettl 中国传统书法行书

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