morning composition with stones

Back from Egypt trip – stones and sands

and an art recipe.

Egypt trip project: Packing a suitcase only takes a few minutes for me. But then the question: What should I take with me to paint? I choose different paper, charcoal pencils, pastels, etc. And another fixative for the drawings… And then: During the 12 days of vacation I didn’t draw a single line – apart from signing the hotel bill.

But that’s ok. My main focus was anyway on the sea. And I don’t know yet how to deal with these strong underwater impressions. Not even have an idea how to start. So I’ll let that sink in a bit first.

I’ve visited Egypt several times, including Hurghada, but that was many years ago. Since I had already seen a lot, I only made a few trips this time and instead enjoyed the sun and the sea.

But I did some other things and I would like to present a small selection of photos. In another posting, I would like to introduce another series. Then it’s about the sky. And maybe I’ll show you a few more snapshots from the stay.

zettl’s brew

The recipe: well-pressed abstracts, some sparkling surrealism, well-tempered constructivism, and a strong dash of calligraphy essence. And then, this is important – our old friend Mr. James B. always made a point of it – stirred, not shaken. Finally, a dash of Dao and/or Zen, whatever is available. And then you can take off. Enjoy!

stones and rocks photos from the Egypt trip

The main aim of this series was to improve my technique in composition and construction. The photos have not been edited with photoshop but were mostly cropped at the edges, some are also image sections.

morning composition with dark stones
stones at hurghada sea shore
stones at hurghada sea shore
morning composition with stones
stones at hurghada sea shore
composition with stones at sea shore

sand in different areas near Hurghada and in the desert

I never learned photography, so it’s more like snapshots. It was also about capturing moods.

artwork like calligraphy
photo of sand in hurghada egypt
stone and sand artwork like calligraphy
sand artwork like a surreal painting
sand artwork like brush wash
sand artwork hurghada sea shore
stones and sand artwork
sand and algae artwork
surreal sand landscape
sand painting


Once again I didn’t want to miss out on a ride on a quad and I wanted to combine it with photography. That’s why I didn’t ride with a group but went solo. Even if only a few photos of it are worth anything, I got to know little Ahmed, the son of a Bedouin family.

little Ahmed from a Bedouin family



54 responses to “Back from Egypt trip – stones and sands”

  1. Quantez Xihuitl avatar
    Quantez Xihuitl

    cool adventurous looking photos

    1. Zettl Fine Arts avatar

      Thank you very much for your kind comment!

  2. Andy Peterson avatar

    Wonderful photos. There is certainly something which calls to me as well from the abstract contrasts of light and the shifting of textures. I can’t wait to see what you are inspired to create.

  3. swabby429 avatar

    Kelp, stones, and sand provide endless contemplative inspiration. I particularly like the eighth image from the top.

    1. Zettl Fine Arts avatar

      Thank you! Yes, pure contemplation and I needed that after a few busy months. Images like #8 only exist for a few seconds. The new incoming wave erases everything – and creates something else. Fascinating 🙂

  4. Spira avatar

    From the looks of it you have drawn more than nothing…just isn’t manifested on paper or canvas.

    The frames of your photographs already hint towards intriguing creations forthcoming.

  5. Zettl Fine Arts avatar

    Many many thanks! Yes, there will certainly be something out of it, as I have gained a lot and impressions. It will just take some time. But what does time mean 🙂

  6. Cindy Georgakas avatar

    I had to laugh at your packing “Packing a suitcase only takes a few minutes for me. But then the question: What should I take with me to paint?”
    This sounds like most woman I know with their make-up. Luckily, I’m not one of them.
    I love your trying new things and I’ve no doubt the transformation will be awesome!💞

    1. Zettl Fine Arts avatar

      Ha, I had the same thing in mind: “and what shall I wear in the evening…. ” 🙏🌴🌹

  7. Ashley avatar

    I watched a tv programme recently about the cosmos and unbelievably I was reminded of your paintings in previous posts. Seeing your photos, above, already I can imagine the paintings you might produce. I look forward to seeing them here. You are fortunate in that you can travel easily. Have a great weekend. 🙏🙋‍♂️

    1. Zettl Fine Arts avatar

      Thank you very much! Yes, fortunate and thankful. For me, following Daoist thoughts, micro- and macrocosm work in similar ways. What we see under a microscope can look pretty similar to a photo by Hubble telescope. Have a great weekend too 😀🌴🙏🍸

  8. luisa zambrotta avatar

    Your images are gorgeous and the text is beautiful!

    1. Zettl Fine Arts avatar

      Thank you very much! You are very kind ❤️

      1. luisa zambrotta avatar

        It’s well deserved praise! 🙂

  9. Mike and Kellye Hefner avatar

    The photos are very artful, Fred – abstracts in themselves. Oh, and Ahmed is adorable!

    1. Zettl Fine Arts avatar

      Thank you so much! Yes, small children are always an asset. Even if I forgot a lot on some trips, I always remember the children 🙂

  10. Dominik Alexander avatar

    Thanks for sharing those fantastic photos! Could have been taken miles above the ground of Pluto or Mars. So much inspiration. There is definitely a lot of stuff to draw your inspiration from.

  11. Zettl Fine Arts avatar

    Thank you so much, Dominik! Such friendly words from the mouth of a gifted writer count twice 🙂

  12. Rosaliene Bacchus avatar

    Fascinating photos, Friedrich! You’ve framed them with the eyes of an artist.

    1. Zettl Fine Arts avatar

      Thank you Rosaliene for your kind comment! I am happy you find them interesting.

  13. The Sicilian Storyteller avatar

    Welcome back! This is a wonderful presentation. I have an affinity for all things Egyptian and look forward to seeing what you have in store for us next time. Little Ahmed is a real cutie; you can never go wrong with children as props! 😂

    I truly dislike packing and unpacking. Kudos to you for getting a tedious task done in minutes! 👏🏼👏🏼

    1. Zettl Fine Arts avatar

      Thank you so much! I did a lot of photos but showing Luxor & Co makes no sense. I will rather show details of not so well known. Yes, children are always pleasant enrichments. At some point I will also paint all the fish – not all of them, of course 🙂

  14. VJ avatar

    Try as I will, I cannot help seeing faces and figures in your composition. The moods and attitudes are as varied as the sand and stones.

    Welcome back.

    1. Zettl Fine Arts avatar

      Thank you so much! I am very happy to hear this as this was my intention. The same in most of my paintings. Have a great weekend ☺️🙏

  15. artsofmay avatar

    I’m adding my comment to the chorus of praise for your photos/snapshots. They are beautiful, haunting images. I, too, love the abstract looking scenes on sand by water. Thank you for showing these.

    1. Zettl Fine Arts avatar

      Thanks a lot for your kind words! I am very happy to hear you found them interesting 🙂

  16. Aloya avatar

    The sand become an art by your shot 😊

    1. Zettl Fine Arts avatar

      Thank you, Aloya, for your kind words. Nature is art, so this was easy 🙂

      1. Aloya avatar

        You’re welcome 😊

  17. Edith avatar

    Steine, das Wasser macht sie lebendig, denke ich immer. Viele haben über Jahrzehnte ihre Ecken und Kanten verloren, fügten sich der Kraft des Wasser, haben sich gerundet. Andere trotzen noch, recken sich spitz in die Höhe, wollen dem Alter die Stirn bieten…. Ja, ich mag Steine. Auch deine Sandfotos wirken wie gemalt…
    Ich freue mich, dass du wieder gut gelandet bist..
    Herzlichst, Edith <3

    1. Zettl Fine Arts avatar

      Danke Dir herzlichst, liebe Edith! Ja, Steine haben immer eine bedeutende Rolle für mich gespielt. (Im Laufe der Zeit hatte ich viele tausend chinesische Siegelsteine ge/verkauft. Und alle hatten was zu erzaehlen 🙂 Schoenes Wochenende. lg f ❤

      1. Edith avatar

        Auch ich habe Steine aufgehoben, besonders die, die mir ins Auge sprangen und überall liegen sie hier. Sie speichern Erinnerungen, das ist das Beste daran. Ja, sie erzählen… Dir einen guten Wochenstart von ganzem Herzen, lieb Edith

      2. Zettl Fine Arts avatar

        Danke, ja, Steine können viel erzählen….Dir auch einen guten Start in eine neue Wocheit vielen Möglichkeiten. LG f

  18. Sue Grey-Smith avatar

    I really like these beautiful artistic observations.

    1. Zettl Fine Arts avatar

      Thank you very much Sue! You as a great artist, you can certainly see something in it. 🙂

  19. Renee Espriu avatar

    I don’t believe one needs to take a class in photography to be able to take good photos. My mother, while alive, took thousands of photos simply because she loved to do so. You have done exceptionally well and with Photoshop, which is what I use to digitally alter a photo to use alongside my writing. I am an artist but often do not have everything I need to draw/paint something to use. So, I am impressed and I have to say that your artistic efforts are a wonder to behold to go along with how the ocean imprinted upon you deep feelings. You have conveyed a message well. I was raised in Southern CA and often went to the ocean beaches there to swim. I miss that part of my life but things are always changing. The ocean will always be a great love in my life and still impacts my writing at times. I’m glad you had a good trip and very glad you are sharing it here with so many.

    1. Zettl Fine Arts avatar

      Thank you again, Renee, for your kind and encouraging words ❣️ Yes, the ocean is one of the greatest wonders. I can imagine how you miss the beach. My country has no sea but it is easy for me to travel. Now I should try to put my impressions on paper. A journey into another world. I am very happy you enjoyed my posting 🌹🥂

  20. James Viscosi avatar

    Those are some fascinating patterns in the sand that you found!

    1. Zettl Fine Arts avatar

      Thanks a lot! Much fun – and I needed that 🙂

      1. Ana Hernandez avatar

        I very much like your photos and of course, they remind me of your paintings. The vision translates from one medium to another- caligraphic and with the “brushstrokes” made by nature, in this case.

      2. Zettl Fine Arts avatar

        Dear Ana Hernandez, it makes me very happy to hear that you like the photos and understand them as they are intended. I am considering writing an own post comparing some of my paintings to what I found in Egypt’s nature. Thanks and have a great day!

  21. kethuprofumo avatar

    Impressive pictures! Sand is wisdom of Earth. Desert transmits it very clearly. Thank you!

    1. Zettl Fine Arts avatar

      Thank you very much! Indeed, sand is far away from being “dead”. Instead it transports history and wisdom of millions of years. 😎❤️

  22. muz4now avatar

    Yes, you definitely captured some great moods in these photos. Thanks for sharing your travels!

    1. Zettl Fine Arts avatar

      Thank you so much! Happy Easter!

      1. muz4now avatar

        Happy Easter

  23. Bharat first avatar
    1. Zettl Fine Arts avatar

      Thank you very much!

  24. Richard Reeve avatar

    Wonderful images, and Amhed is precious.

    1. Zettl Fine Arts avatar

      Thank you very much, Richard 🙏

  25. cmartzloff avatar

    Interesting photos. I likes seeing the different textures in the landscape.

    1. Zettl Fine Arts avatar

      Thank you very much 🙏😊 I needed this….

  26. Fred D avatar

    An amazing Rock Art Gallery display Freidrich . . . Wunderbar!

    Thank you for sharing these, and the picture of little Ahmed, a precious little living desert stone.

    PS – Being the firstborn of a German mother, it was only my American father’s stubborn insistence that prevailed against the equally stubborn resistance of my German grandparents to eventually reach a truce and name me Frederick instead of Friedrich. Fritz, my grandfather Weber’s name, was considered as a possible alternative moniker 😊

    1. Zettl Fine Arts avatar

      Thank you very much 🙏😊 I used to be called Fritz in my childhood and quite a few friends still call me Fritz. Here at WP I am often addressed as Fred 😎 All fine with me.

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