Dr. Heinz Fischer and Friedrich Zettl

certificate of honor received

Dr. Heinz Fischer and Friedrich Zettl
Federal President Heinz Fischer and Friedrich Zettl at the Chinese embassy

In recent years, the Chinese Ambassador to Austria Li Xiaosi has held a summer festival every year in his residence. The property has an excellent location, right next to the important Schönbrunn Palace. This year there should be fewer guests due to the Covid-19 epidemic. I was all the more surprised when I received an invitation. It quickly became clear that I was invited because I was given a certificate of honor (for special achievements in Austrian-Chinese relations).

Chinese embassador LI Xiaosi
Chinese ambassador LI Xiaosi and Chinese music students

This is not a big deal, but it is of certain importance to me since it was presented by President Dr. Heinz Fischer. In addition to his signature, Helmut Sohmen and Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz also signed.

certificate of honor friedrich zettl

Helmut Sohmen is a Hong Kong tycoon of great importance and wealth. When I met him for the first time more than 20 years ago, I was very enthusiastic about his visions and plans.

I have known Heinz Fischer for 38 years now. He was Minister of Science at the time and was kind enough to open a large exhibition of mine. And that photo is undoubtedly in stark contrast to yesterday’s photo 🙂

friedrich zettl and minister heinz fischer
Friedrich and (then) science minister Dr. Heinz Fischer

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    1. zettl.fr avatar

      Thank you, Majan! It’s more something for my collection of curiosities 🙂

  2. swabby429 avatar

    How wonderful. Congratulations on the recognition.

    1. zettl.fr avatar

      Oh, thank you! I think in Austria everybody of a certain age gets something like this. The main reason is that it has a positive effect on the social system, I think 🙂

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      thank you very much, Graham!

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  4. Martha Kennedy avatar

    This is wonderful. Congratulations!

    1. zettl.fr avatar

      Thank you, Martha! As said, something for my curiosity collection. I should post some of my gems but they probably are too personal.

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    rose kern

    Dear Friedrich, my best congratulation to this award.

  6. zettl.fr avatar

    Thank you, Rose! Well, co-signed by the great mind who closed the Balkan-Route. in a way a document of historic dimension 🙂

  7. viviennelingard avatar

    You clearly deserve this award.

    1. zettl.fr avatar

      Thank you so much! That is very kind of you!

  8. Cally Blind avatar

    Wunderbar! 🎉 Herzlichen Glückwünsch! 🎊 🥳

    1. zettl.fr avatar

      Herzlichen Dank, Cally Blind! Das ist sehr freundlich.

  9. PRAPTI GUPTA avatar

    Many many congratulationss!!!

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      Many thanks! How kind of you!

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      Thank you so much! How kind of you!

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