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China Report 50 years diplomatic relations

Of course, I am always pleased when an article of mine is published. But this release is particularly gratifying. Most of my articles are based on my contributions to the Austrian Institute for Southeast Asia Research ICSOA, and oe.g.c.f, the Austrian Society for China Research. (1)

The “China Report” # 179 is dedicated to the 50 years of diplomatic relations between Austria and China. As it is a special anniversary, the authors are particularly prominent in this issue. Austrian President Alexander Van der Bellen, Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang (李克强), former Austrian and Chinese ambassadors, and Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, to name just a few, wrote contributions on the occasion.

My contribution, the longest, is devoted to the important painter Qi Baishi. This is because the Vienna World Museum is getting an important sculpture by the artist Wu Weishan 吴为山, which portrays the painter Qi Baishi.

Statue of Qi Baishi by Wu Weishan

  1. The driving force behind these organizations, the mastermind so to speak, is Prof Gerd Kaminski, who has been committed to the exchange between Austria and China for more than 5 decades – be it on cultural, scientific, economic, or other aspects.
photo professor gerd kaminski and friedrich zettl
prof. gerd kaminski and the author at friedrich schiff gallery

My articles on Chinese art: the essence of Chinese painting

Zettl Fine Arts

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Congratulations! This is really wonderful.

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Congratulations are in order. This is wonderful.

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