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The Essence of Chinese Painting (IV)

Chinese painting is closely related to the art of seal cutting and, of course, above all to calligraphy. These 3 genres have not only mutually fertilized each other over the centuries, but even more, none of them can be viewed in isolation if you want to understand them more deeply.

Chinese seals were and are my great passion. Throughout the centuries, all great Chinese painters have paid the greatest attention to the art of cutting seals. They have collected seals, studied the beauty of the engravings, or used to cut seals themselves.

A long time ago I put together an article on the most odorous terms in the art of seal carving. It was called: A Brief History of Development of Chinese Seals

This article is based on a lecture I held at a symposium in 2016, organized by oe-g.c.f.

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