cartoon trump kim hairdresser

alternative to #WordlessWednesday

silly old news from The United Kimdon ® 

In times like these, we all need something to cheer us up and nothing is better than the unvarnished reality, away from political correctness. Please forgive my childish sense of humour – my dear friends in North Korea.

Old news from the press and television

cartoon trump kim hairdresser

kim and trump cartoon

trump prohibition act

kim imposing sanctions

kim and trump with mask


cartoons for #WordlessWednesday – no words, just cartoons. Allow your phantasy to tell the story.

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6 responses to “alternative to #WordlessWednesday”

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  2. swabby429 avatar

    Thanks, I needed this.

    1. Zettl Fine Arts avatar

      There were a few other topics that could have been covered, but I’ll leave that to the reader’s imagination 🙂

      1. swabby429 avatar

        Indeed. 🙂

  3. Martha Kennedy avatar
    1. Zettl Fine Arts avatar

      “Those were the days my friend, we thought they ‘d never end…..”

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