Paphos beach wall painting

Cyprus – Paphos

Back from a relaxing Cyprus vacation (Paphos, Obesity Beach Resort 😊). But I come back empty-handed: not a single drawing, not even sketches or ideas. But actually, that was intended. Relax, swim, and let my mind wander.

street art old poster
faded billboard in Paphos

During a long walk in the early morning, I took a few photos to capture a few impressions. But these are also not photos that have a lot of expressiveness.

faded billboard in Paphos
on Paphos Beach

I went on a day trip to get to know the hinterland and especially the mountains. The monasteries I visited were very impressive, especially the icons on display there. The one shown here seems to me to be quite special.

Chrysoroyiatissa Monastery in Southern Cyprus
Kykkos Monastery icon






6 responses to “Cyprus – Paphos”

  1. swabby429 avatar

    I do like the image of the man wearing the donkey life ring.

  2. Zettl avatar

    Thank you! Yes, it looks a little out of date but that makes it more interesting.

  3. Natalia Castelluccio avatar

    Complimenti per il tuo blog,
    Mi piace molto.
    Ti seguo da poco tempo e con piacere
    Spero che farai visita al mio blog e che lo seguirai anche tu.
    Ti auguro una buona serata
    A presto
    Piacere di conoscerti

    1. Zettl avatar

      Ciao Natalia, grazie per le tue belle parole!
      Vado subito a dare un’occhiata al tuo blog.
      Vi auguro tutto il meglio! Friedrich

      1. Natalia Castelluccio avatar

        Grazie Friedrich
        Ti aspetto

      2. Natalia Castelluccio avatar

        Grazie mille
        Ti aspetto

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