tryptich theme and variations

tryptich them and variations

Music is undoubtedly one of the most important driving forces in my painting. I rarely paint in silence. It’s very interesting to do so and see what comes out of silence and mostly it meets my expectations, but painting with music is more exciting. It’s not about transforming the language of music into the language of painting, but rather about absorbing certain thoughts, getting involved in the flow of the music and, above all, putting my thinking in the background. Since I’m a philosophical painter, that’s an issue.

Johann Sebastian Bach is indispensable, Schubert and, lately, especially Arvo Pärt.

In this tryptich, influenced by thoughts in classical music, I followed a theme and variations.

tryptich them and variations
tryptich Theme and Variations

As far as the construction of the works is concerned, the principles of Asian calligraphy in painting are still at the center. At the same time, however, the painterly aspect is emphasized again.

theme and variation of landscape painting

Telling a story in an abstract picture, i.e. without concrete objects, is a challenge at the same time, but at the same time you discover new worlds.

A goal that has pervaded my work for many years is to paint expressively and yet convey calm or suggest chaos, which is very carefully ordered and structured..

theme and variation

If you haven’t checked recently, I have revised my catalog and added new works: gestural painting

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Yes, music is a profound catalyst to inspire further creativity.

hy iam your new follower

Thank you! You are welcome! I am just going through your blog. Very interesting!

you’re most welcome

Intriguing work — and method.

Thank you so much Martha! Those words from you mean a lot to me. I am so sorry I do not post comments often. Some kind of blockade….

I write every day and not all of them are worth a lot, but for me it’s a healthy habit. I value your comments very much, but I don’t want anyone to feel they are obliged to comment on that torrent of verbiage! 😉

I also think it makes sense to post more often. On the other hand, I don’t want to be annoying either. If I post on other people’s sites, I run the risk of being annoying with my nonsense. But probably one shouldn’t pay too much attention to the whole thing.

Music transports you to a place in which your soul can speak ❤️

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