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short question on making video clips

any advice for creating vlogs?

I would like to order a couple of short video clips (vlogs for youtube and such).

Before I waste endless time: do you have any suggestions where I could get these done?
I would only provide images and texts and the designer should do the rest.

It should look something like this (but not that amateur):

If you can recommend an easy program I sure would try it. Thank you!






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  1. outsideauthority avatar

    I need a programme too, so I will be watching the comments!

    1. avatar

      I did a better oner (presenting my collection of antiques) before. That was years ago and I have no clue how I did it 🙂

  2. Martha Kennedy avatar

    I use Keynote, Apple’s presentation software. It’s amazing, easy, flexible and full of useful features.

    1. avatar

      I hate the day when I stopped using apple. Now it’s too late …..

      1. Martha Kennedy avatar

        Powerpoint is good, too. I honestly don’t see much difference between the two programs just now that I’m not teaching I don’t have to use a PC.

      2. avatar

        Thank you! I even did not know using PowerPoint works for videos. Though I used it a lot for my lectures.

      3. Martha Kennedy avatar

        It’s pretty easy. You just export your slide show to video. There are a few hoops and choices to make, but it’s a wonderful way to bring a ppt show to life. I started transforming my lectures to videos and putting them on Youtube when I was teaching online classes. It’s fun when some student today thanks me for telling him/her about the thesis statement. I used this method for making book trailers, too. I tried sending you a couple links yesterday but for some reason, your blog didn’t want the links in the comments.

      4. avatar

        Thank you again, Martha, I sure will try. Sounds interesting also for my future lectures.

  3. Hapypie avatar

    Nice post…

    1. avatar

      Thank you very much!

      1. Hapypie avatar

        you’re welcome

  4. hkd moeda avatar

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