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power, elegance and savageness

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I continue to paint a lot, but it’s getting harder and harder to surpass previous work. Maybe they look pretty much the same for some viewers anyway. For me, however, it is about certain issues that I would like to perfect over time.

Arte del pittore austriaco Friedrich Zettl, composition red black

What is becoming more and more central to my concern is the question of “beauty”. Painting beautiful pictures have never been my primary concern, but of course, I have to focus on it. Beautiful without appearing complaint seems to me to be a good compromise. (Incidentally, the picture below is part of a series of dragons that I would like to introduce soon.

In another series I deal with depression and the following picture is one of them.

More of this at gestural paintings. Portfolio | white, black and red



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  1. Martha Kennedy avatar

    I’m pretty lost as an artist right now which is OK because it means I’ve learned something and it’s all processing itself in whatever non-verbal organ from which paintings come.

    I had the experience last weekend of seeing a couple of my paintings in a little show. I didn’t hang them, so that’s one thing. But they looked different to me than they ever had I think as a result of being in a different setting with work done by people I don’t know. There was something to them that I can’t put a finger on or words too, something that set them apart. I don’t think they’re great works of art. One was painted as an experiment with a set of paints I’d just gotten; the other was an act of love toward a kind of building that exists here, in this part of the world, and no where else.

    This is a very interesting statement, “Beautiful without appearing compliant seems to me to be a good compromise.” Compliant to what? I was thinking that as an artist there is a lot to which we can bend and it’s all kind of noxious in a way, but people who buy my paintings buy them because they’re pretty or remind them of things they already know and love.

    Anyway, I’m glad you keep pushing yourself. I love the dragon which is not only figuratively reminiscent of “dragon ness” but also dragon in color and motion. I think elegance is a worthy goal.

    1. avatar

      Martha, thank you very much! I am happy to hear that your work has been exhibited! Oh, I know that, pictures often look very different at home than in an exhibition. One thing I know for sure is that I will spend a lot of time at my next exhibition (2022) to consider well how to hang the pictures correctly.

      As for using the word “compliant”: I’m sorry for my imprecise formulation (my English is not that good). What I was interested in is a trend that I have noticed for a long time: not only in painting, more and more artists seem to be trying to paint to the taste of the public. In my opinion, this endeavor, coupled with political correctness, means that there is an unbelievable amount of meaningless art on the market. Tasteful, pleasing, goes well with the designer sofa.

      This is basically not new and if someone has to live from their art, I can understand that to a certain extent. I am in the fortunate position of not facing pressure to sell, so I am allowed to strive for ideals. Whether I can do it is another question …

      1. Martha Kennedy avatar

        Your word “compliant” was perfectly used and what you’ve written here to explain it is exactly how I understood it. This is precisely the question I’m asking myself right now in some way. I don’t know what I’m doing as an artist, and I don’t even know why. I was bound to come to this point sooner or later. I’m in the same position as you; I don’t have to earn money from my paintings. I like to, though… 😉

        There’s nothing wrong with your English. My German is the useful kind. I can understand announcements at the train station and order from a menu. Last time I was in Zürich having dinner with my friends — both historians — I even found the courage to speak. My friend’s girlfriend is from Germany so they speak high German together though I think the longer she’s in Zürich the more Schiwzer-deutsch she will speak. I said, “Oh my, that was German!” Rainer said, “I didn’t even notice.” He hadn’t noticed; he’d simply responded. It was a wonderful moment since my German school has been Rosetta Stone and Goethe.

  2. swabby429 avatar

    Being an astrological dragon, the concept and depictions of dragons fascinates me.

  3. avatar

    Great! I am still working on this series of dragons and will introduce that soon.

  4. avatar

    Martha, yes, I know what you are talking about ” I don’t know what I’m doing as an artist, and I don’t even know why.”. I really have been painting a lot and generally speaking I like what I am doing. But I sure lack in resonance. Is worpress the right medium to get in touch with art lovers? Are galleries? Obviously not necessarily. I recently had a conversation with a very idealistic gallerist. She says she is considering whether to continue at all. Why? People come to the vernissages, eat and drink extensively and don’t even pretend to look at the works on display. Then why the effort? I will have 1-2 exhibitions next year, thank you, but I should try to reach people via the internet. My summer program: marketing.

    Yes, Switzeduitsch is lovely 🙂

    1. Martha Kennedy avatar

      Marketing is a big challenge (and not that interesting to do…), but I’ve sold paintings through my WordPress blog and through Facebook. I put my ink drawings — the illustrations for a book — on Fine Art America and that’s yielded nothing. My purpose there was to make it easy for the small museum in the part of Wyoming where the book is set to order prints and notecards if they wanted. So far, nothing but it’s free. Most of what I sell I sell through a local museum in the form of notecards which leads me to think that face-to-face sales is still the most effective outreach. And that’s the “compliance” thing. Those are all pictures people want to see and that would look good in their house or remind them of a vacation in Colorado. I don’t mind painting that stuff because it teaches me a lot not so much in terms of composition (I paint those from photos I’ve taken) but in material and technique. The paintings that are NOT compliant are much, much, much better paintings.

  5. Graham Stephen avatar

    You say dragon; I see swan 😉


    1. avatar

      swan is fine too 🙂 seriously, it doesn’t matter as those are abstract paintings. as I am working on a series of dragons I just saw a dragon…..

  6. elvira797mx avatar

    Wonderful with a lot of style, thank you for share your art.

  7. elvira797mx avatar

    I see passion with elegance, by the way.

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