Daoist priest in Shanghai

my favorite Taoist – enjoy your day!

the happy daoist

Taoism is not necessarily boring in principle. And I am happy I experienced one of the happiest and quite unusual variants in Shanghai 🙂

Chinese female Daoist with quite a few bells and whistles 🙂
It seems that she was also very pleased to make my acquaintance.
Happy Mothers Day

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11 responses to “my favorite Taoist – enjoy your day!”

  1. rose kern avatar
    rose kern

    thanks, you made my day!

  2. zettl.fr avatar

    That was my intention, Rose 🙂

  3. Brad Wilson avatar

    The world needs more personalities like hers! Wonderful!

    1. zettl.fr avatar

      Thank you, Brad! Yes indeed. Our world would be much better with people who are in peace with themselves.
      After midnight here – I will add something tomorrow.

    2. zettl.fr avatar

      When you walked through Vienna in the mid-1980s, you always came across WALULISO. He had chosen the name that was formed from the initial syllables for forest, air, sun. Most dismissed him as crazy – but today his concept of life is more topical than suddenly.

      1. Brad Wilson avatar

        I think Taoism has much to teach the world, if only it would stop talking and listen.

  4. zettl.fr avatar

    Yes, Taosim is such a great phillosophy. But I am afraid to say too many western people do not understand too many aspects of it. My last lecture I gave was on Taosim in Chinese painting and although I had a powerpoint presentation for better understanding I still had the impression that most of the audience did not understand too much.

    1. JMN avatar

      I’ve begun asking myself: Why are good things hard to understand? And the related question: What is the hardest part to understand of this good thing? I haven’t reached my answers yet.

      1. Zettl Fine Arts avatar

        I think a reason might be that after childhood we started thinking in very complex ways which confuses our mind. Daoism is very easy to understand but not easy to practice in a world which is shaped by material thinking, by speed, by permanent competition. The same goes for Zen Buddhism. But if we manage to get into it we are highly rewarded. Just by changing our focus from the material matters to the non-material is a big step forward. But yes, easy to say, hard to do. It’s a step by step thing I would say. Daoism and Zen habe become a part of myself and though I am neither “Daoist” nor a Zen-master my life sure is better balanced and relaxed then without. But going out fishing could have the same effect 😆

      2. JMN avatar

        Well and kindly expressed. Thank you for giving my comment your attention. I take your point about complexity and how it trips us up. Also that the simple is not the easy, and the balance you describe must be sought and earned one way or another. It’s hard to think of anything that’s more important than to figure a few of these things out!

      3. Zettl Fine Arts avatar

        Thank you, you are welcome! Due to the complexity, I could only scratch the surface. What I would recommend, if I may, is to check e.g. YouTube. There are many good (and poor) contributions to find. A good start could be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aBISYSQjpUg

        I think Eckhart Tolle can be an eye opener as he is a very good teacher who is not sticking to one philosophy/religion. And of course the Dalai Lama. It doesn’t really matter it always starts that we work on our mindset and firstly with mindfulness which will lead to awareness. No matter how, even if we don’t deal with it too intensively, we immediately see a change for the better or at least have understood that life is only the way we see it and that helps a lot.

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