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my love for old leaves

bookmark with blossom and leaf artwork by friedrich zettl
After I hadn't painted for a long time due to my job, I started to sniff it again about a year ago. In order to regain my sensitivity as quickly as possible, I collected withered leaves and then blossoms and flowers in spring. The first thing I did with it were bookmarks.
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new works

Mao Zedong Calligraphy on antique print
A lot is in progress, new series but also new to existing series, such as these two graphics with Mao Zedong calligraphies. The callipgraphy reads: 上馬殺賊,下馬學佛 (Shàng mǎ shā zéi, xiàmǎ xué fú Get on your horse and kill the thieves, dismount and study Buddhism) and inspired a great number of monks to serve the nation. in April 1939, the […]
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sketches from the peking opera

When I studied in Beijing in the late 1970s – early 1980s, I lived near the opera building. At first I went once a week, then often every day. It was a bewitching experience. The building had a long tradition, but it was relatively simply furnished. The simple cement floor allowed visitors to spit noisily on the floor, and that […]
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student prank with Wang Ziwu 王子武

chickens after Wang Ziwu
Traditionally, the Academy in Beijing invited well-known painters of classical Chinese painting to demonstrate their painting techniques on Saturday mornings. The purpose of the exercise was to give the students an insight into topics such as the structure of the picture, brush and ink techniques of well-known painters. Twice the academy responded to a suggestion from me and since the […]
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