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  • portraits – a new page
    A new page has been added: Portraits. It links to 5 series of portraits and a page with previous portrait paintings. My series generally consist of some 20-30 works. The unsold ones are listed. The early works are mostly oil-paintings and more will be listed soon. PORTRAITS
  • Chinese Seal Carving
    Chinese seals were and are my great passion. Throughout the centuries, all great Chinese painters have paid the greatest attention to the art of cutting seals. They have collected seals, studied the beauty of the engravings, or used to cut seals themselves. A long time ago I put together an article on the most odorous … Continue reading Chinese Seal Carving
  • new site added: new works 2020
    A new page has been added: new works 2020. On this page, major recent art-work from 2020 is presented. Links point to related sites if the example shown is part of a series.
  • New Page with Mao Poems
    A new page has been added. It is primarily a series of works using ancient graphics, lithographs and documents. Poems or slogans by Chairman Mao Zedong were painted over them.
friedrich zettl portrait 2020 hommage á zhuang huan
Über mich

My name is Friedrich Zettl. I am an artist, collector and entrepreneur. Since I studied at the Central Art Academy in Beijing and wrote my doctoral thesis on Chinese art, much of my work is shaped by Chinese philosophy.

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