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  • Your opinion please!
    There are many good artists here on wordpress and I find the work of quite a few of you very exciting. I know, of course, that most of you have not studied the art of Chinese calligraphy very intensively. So I would be all the more interested in whether the work I’ve been doing lately … Continue reading Your opinion please!
  • After visting a great Gerhard Richter Exhibition in Wien
    Because of Covid-19, like many others, I largely self-isolated for a long time now. But two days before Christmas I escaped and visited a very impressive exhibition by Gerhard Richter in Vienna. Although Richter is one of those painters who impressed me very much, I had not seen any originals so far. After every visit … Continue reading After visting a great Gerhard Richter Exhibition in Wien
  • my love for old leaves
    After I hadn’t painted for a long time due to my job, I started to sniff it again about a year ago. In order to regain my sensitivity as quickly as possible, I collected withered leaves and then blossoms and flowers in spring. The first thing I did with it were bookmarks. Why bookmarks? Because … Continue reading my love for old leaves
  • political connotations
    When I was younger I rather often used to do paintings and graphics with political content. I know that political statements are not in great demand in art today, which I think is a shame.Sometimes I have the urge to package political content again, even if I know that not everyone recognizes the connection at … Continue reading political connotations
friedrich zettl portrait 2020 hommage á zhuang huan
Über mich

My name is Friedrich Zettl. I am an artist, collector and entrepreneur. Since I studied at the Central Art Academy in Beijing and wrote my doctoral thesis on Chinese art, much of my work is shaped by Chinese philosophy.

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