Tag: landscape

burning down the snow

surreal painting burning snow
There has long been a phrase in my ideas treasure chest: burning snow. I'm not sure if this is a creation from myself. Probably born out of my intellectual confrontation with Schubert's "Winterreise". It can just as well come from a poem or even a pop song.
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white black red

white black red gestural art
As in most of my work ideas from Chinese painting and calligraphy flow into them. I would like to take this opportunity to point out a special aspect that is of essential importance for the understanding of East Asian art: the importance of the non-represented, the nothing, the white.
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tryptich finished

mountain part or tryptich III
The title of this tryptich is mountain. In principle it shows 3 mountain peaks which together form a mountain. Just like the Chinese character for mountain 3 represents mountain peaks.
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another couple of new works

rose composition
Last weekend was another very productive one. I am working on a couple of series and was able to finish some work which can be added now. Like these painting of withered flowers, landscape, stones and abstract composition.
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a step forward

details rocks and stones ink on synthetic paper
For decades I have painted figurative. Almost 2 years ago I started to develop myself into abstract painting. Even if I haven't found a definitive style, I'm pretty happy with my progress like this rocks and stones painting.
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