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portraits – a new page

A new page has been added: Portraits. It links to 5 series of portraits and a page with previous portrait paintings.

My series generally consist of some 20-30 works. The unsold ones are listed. The early works are mostly oil-paintings and more will be listed soon.


portrait of a happy peasant detail of painting

Chinese Seal Carving

Chinese seals were and are my great passion. Throughout the centuries, all great Chinese painters have paid the greatest attention to the art of cutting seals. They have collected seals, studied the beauty of the engravings, or used to cut seals themselves. A long time ago I put together an article on the most odorous terms in the art of seal carving.

A brief History on Developement of Chinese Seals

New Homepage

In order to be able to realize this project better both as a homepage and as a blog, we have put a new homepage online:

This page will be continued as usual.

leaves and blossoms

For some time now I have been playing with dried leaves and flowers. At first it was bookmarks in order to develop a feeling for this new media, soon afterwards there were works on paper and finally overpainted oil paintings.