On this page, more recent work from 2020 is presented. If there are works from a series, only one sheet will be shown and a link to the series will show more.

poem by Mao Zedong on lithograph depicting skeletons

mao poems

In autumn 2020, a series was created in which pages from western encyclopedias, documents, old securities and ancient letters were used and poems or slogans by Chairman Mao Zedong were painted on them. This series is work in progress. Some can be seen here: mao poems

traditional calligraphy

In order to improve ones technique in brush painting it is necessary to practice calligraphy on a regular basis. And calligraphy has a lot more to offer, including benefits for ones mind and body.

painted calligraphy by friedrich zettl

painted calligraphy

The series “painted calligraphy” shows works on Chinese rice paper, western sized paper or on canvas. Attempts are made to meet the artistic demands of calligraphy, but an overall effect of an image is sought.

More works of this series are shown at: painted calligraphy

art work by friedrich zettl

landscapes and calligraphy

This work is called “Poem about the Waldviertel”. The Walviertel is located in the northeastern part of Austria. It is a very quiet area, hardly noticed by tourists, but is characterized by very atmospheric landscapes. I spent many years there painting every summer.

mixed media by friedrich zettl

leaves in autumn wind

This work combines Chinese ink technique with ready mades: leaves. The philosophy behind it is Chinese. Not only the composition follows ideas from Chinese painting. The broadest possible content is generated with the least amount of effort. In addition, a requirement for painting is met. between absolutely similar and absolutely dissimilar (似与不似之间 si yu busi zhijian). So the viewer initially has the impression that it is a photo or a print.

Some of the series are listed at: https://zettl.blog/leaves-and-blossoms/

self portrait

art work from summer 2020 “hommage à Zhang Huan 張洹”.

The work follows on from earlier portraits, some from the series are listed on this page portraits v

japanese ready made by friedrich zettl


During spring 2020 I added a few pages to my sketchbook like this Japanese ready made.

bookmarks – spring 2020

In spring 2020 I started a series of some 50 bookmarks by using dried leaves and blossoms I collected last autumn and this spring. The composition of the first ones was quite western. By and by the becam more eastern.

Part of them are listed at: bookmarks