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linking anyone?

I don’t know if this is the right place for a question to everyone who runs their own blog: Does linking matter to you?Since I started operating Internet sites decades ago, linking has always been a concern for me. But does it still have any meaning today? Are wordpress pages taken seriously by google? I […]

landscape painting ink on paper

Another long article about me in a Chinese newspaper

TO LEARN CHINESE CULTURE, THE IMPORTANT THING IS LOVE Today, exactly on my birthday, another, this time longer article appeared in the Chinese daily newspaper Guangming ribao. It is an interview about my years in China, my studies at the academiy and my contributions to the cultural exchange between Austria and China. For the sake […]

sketch by Pan Tianshou

The Essence of Chinese Painting (III)

At regular intervals I try to analyze various aspects of Chinese painting, its philosophy, concepts, techniques, etc. on the basis of short contributions. I studied Chinese art, lived in China for 5 years, studied at the Central Academy of Fine Arts and wrote my dissertation on Chinese free-hand style painting. My pictures are presented HERE. […]


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