bookmarks with withered leaves and blossoms

How come?

After I hadn’t painted for a long time due to my job, I started to sniff it again about 2 years ago.

What was originally just a gimmick quickly turned out to be a source of inspiration and tools for my painting.

I have summarized some of the bookmarks in a short video that makes it easier and more entertaining for the viewer.

The finished bookmarks look like these examples, but I’m only showing the center here on this page.

Why bookmarks?

Because in my opinion, they are a genre neglected by art. On the other hand, since I have dealt intensively with the art of Chinese seal cutting for many years, I am enthusiastic about the idea of dealing with a lot of content in a small format.

If the first works were more decorative or rather small calligraphies, they gradually became more constructivist, more minimalist.

July 2022 series

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