mao poems 毛泽东诗

Mao Poems: Artwork using poems by Mao Zedong 艺术作品用毛泽东诗作

Random selection of antique western documents, prints, and ephemera overwritten with poems and slogans by Chairman Mao.

antique stock certificate from Austria with mao zedong poem
Mao’s Poem on an obsolete stock certificate (Austro Orientalische Handels Aktiengesellschaft).

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antique brockhaus prin twith mao zedong poem
poem by Mao Zedong on antique lithograph
Mao Poem on antique Austrian newspaper from 1816
poem by Mao Zedong on the world`s oldest newspaper, Wiener Zeitung

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about Mao Zedong Calligraphy

Mao Zedong, the founding father of the People’s Republic of China, was an accomplished calligrapher. Trained in traditional Chinese calligraphy from an early age, he developed a unique style that combines traditional techniques with a bold and modern aesthetic.

Mao’s calligraphy was characterized by its strong, flowing lines and bold, confident brushstrokes. In addition to being a form of artistic expression, it was also deeply connected to his political beliefs. Mao’s calligraphy was an important propaganda tool and was used to promote his political ideas and build his personal image as a leader. His calligraphic works were widely distributed throughout China and were considered symbols of his leadership and the revolutionary spirit of the Chinese people.

Last but not least Mao Zedong believed that calligraphy was an important part of Chinese culture and that it could be used to promote revolutionary ideals. He often wrote slogans and political messages in his calligraphy, such as “serving the people” and “long live the People’s Republic of China.”

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