portrait painting from the beginnig till end of the 1990s

portraits 人像

Several categories of portrait painting from the beginning till the end of the 1990s

skull artwork by friedrich zettl

Portraits VI

portraits from c. 1990-92

Working with ink on rice paper. Elements of Chinese philosophy, especially calligraphy, are integrated.

overpainted portrait on b/w scan

Portraits V

portraits from c. 1988 – 90

Overpainted prints, partially overdrawing or distorting the original portrait.

portrait of a young girl

Portraits IV

portraits from c. 1985 – 88

The works are mostly in A4 format and tend towards abstraction or expressionism.

portrait one of those deaths

Portraits III

portraits from c. 1984 – 86

Large format works, painted with Indian ink on rice paper and partly using my own techniques.

portrait chinese peasant mixed media

Portraits II

portraits from the early China years 1978 – 85

This creative period is still strongly influenced by Western concepts and techniques. The portraits show Chinese, but the techniques are still largely European.

portrait of ilse by friedrich zettl

Portraits I

early portraits in western style from the beginning to 1978

Oil painting, pastel, mixed media

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