landscape painting 山水画

landscape painting portfolio

Selection of landscape paintings by Friedrich Zettl from the mid-1970s to 2000. [1]

dreamscape #2, ink on glossy paper

landscapes V

landscape paintings from the series “dreamscapes”

landscapes IV

landscape paintings after or in the style of Huang Binhong 黄宾虹 painted between 1983 and 1988

landscape painting after Huang Binhong 黄宾虹
landscape with sunset, ink on rice paper

landscapes III

landscape paintings from c. 1982 – 1989

landscapes II

landscape paintings from the early China years 1978 – 85

landscape after Shi Tao 石涛
pastels by friedrich zettl wienerwald

landscapes I

early landscapes western style from the beginning to 1978

Articles on Chinese painting that also relate to landscape painting can be found in ART THEORY



Friedrich Zettl began painting in the mid-1970s. In addition to portrait painting, he was primarily concerned with landscape painting. Initially, the technique focused on chalk drawings, watercolors, ink sketches, and then increasingly oil painting.

There were some attempts with Impressionism, but soon mainly Expressionism. Oskar Kokoschka in particular was formative in these early years.

When Zettl got the opportunity to study at the Central Art Academy in Beijing in the late 1970s, his elective was portrait painting. Only through research and writing his dissertation on xieyi painting did traditional landscape painting become the focus of his interest. He dealt particularly intensively with Huang Binhong. The confrontation with this exceptional artist was intensified by numerous copies of the painter.

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