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This page shows gestural and abstract paintings with a heavy accent by art brut. As far as construction and brushwork are concerned, the work is based on the principles of Chinese art. Primarily it works with ink and Indian ink on handmade paper or photo paper or synthetic paper.


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about art brut

Art brut, also known as outsider art, is a term used to describe art created by individuals outside of the traditional art world. This can include people who are self-taught, mentally ill, or institutionalized, as well as people who are considered “naïve” in their approach to making art.

Art brut is often characterized by its raw, unrefined quality and its lack of regard for traditional art-making techniques or conventions. Many Art Brut artists are self-taught, and their work is often deeply personal and highly emotional. This art form is not only limited to painting but also includes sculpture, drawing, and collage.


The term “Art Brut” was first coined in the 1940s by the French artist Jean Dubuffet. Dubuffet was fascinated by the raw quality of art created by individuals outside of the mainstream art world, and he began collecting and exhibiting this type of art. He believed that Art Brut was purer and more authentic than the art produced by trained artists, and he saw it as a way to challenge the traditional art world’s definition of what constitutes “good” art.

One of the most famous Art Brut painters is Henry Darger, an American artist who created a huge and fantastic body of work, mostly in his own home where he lived as a hermit. His work was discovered and brought to light after his death, his paintings depict young girls in imaginary landscapes, and the use of vivid color and pattern is one of the hallmarks of his style.

Another example is Martín Ramírez, a Mexican-born artist who has spent much of his life in mental health facilities in California. Despite his institutionalization, Ramírez created a large and powerful work of art, often depicting features and landscapes in a highly detailed and imaginative style.

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