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journals at deals with different topics related to Friedrich Zettl’s artwork, articles on fine arts, related announcements, and art theory. The focus is on subjects related to Chinese art and philosophy like Daoism and Zen-Buddhism.

  • leaves and blossoms

    leaves and blossoms

    For some time now I have been playing with dried leaves and flowers. Here are a few samples. Read more

  • calligraphy decision

    calligraphy decision

    As so often, I start to work on 2 or more pictures at the same time. In this case, it is primarily the size of the character on the right that makes the difference in the appearance of the image. Read more

  • painted calligraphy

    painted calligraphy

    Painted calligraphy. Page with seaval examples of Chinese characters rather painted than calligraphed. Read more

  • new listings

    new listings

    Today new examples from an older series called “dreamscapes” have been added. They basically follow the logic of Chinese calligraphy. Here is the link: landscapes V category landscape paintings | calligraphy decission Read more

  • portraits V

    portraits V

    For many years my main focus has been painting portraits. As usual, I prefer to create a series with around 20-30 pieces of work. Then I switched to a new technique or style. Here are some of a series from 1985. listed in the category portrait painting Read more

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