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journals at deals with different topics related to Friedrich Zettl’s artwork, articles on fine arts, related announcements, and art theory. The focus is on subjects related to Chinese art and philosophy like Daoism and Zen-Buddhism.

Friedrich Zettl’s blog: deals with various aspects of fine art, with a focus on the artistic work of Friedrich Zettl. He introduces ongoing and new series and discusses individual images in detail.
Art Theory: In the Art Theory menu you will find general articles for a better understanding of Chinese painting and calligraphy. There are short videos on various topics on YouTube to get a quick overview.
Current works of art: The blog (journals) regularly shows current works of art by Friedrich Zettl, which deal with topics such as Yin-Yang, Zen, meditation, nothingness, and more. The artworks are mostly abstract and minimalistic, but also expressive and inspiring.
Presentation: The blog also offers a presentation of a selected work of art that may not appeal to everyone at first glance. There are also videos about Friedrich Zettl’s works on his youtube – fine arts channel.

  • about letting go

    about letting go

    Flow and letting go. New series of abstract images on the subject of omission. Read more

  • What game shall we play today?

    What game shall we play today?

    About knowing and believing. Quantum physicist Anton Zeilinger: “Sciences are good at measuring something, but cannot say anything about our being”. Read more

  • Cucumber cutting, abstracting and –

    Cucumber cutting, abstracting and –

    A few quick notes on our world of perception, from slicing cucumbers to the feeling of diving. And about abstraction itself. Read more

  • Something totally different: My new Friend Bing Chat

    Something totally different: My new Friend Bing Chat

    Something totally different: In various conversations, in social media, and also here on wordpress, I very often see a negative attitude towards ChatGpd and Bing Chat. Read more

  • Two Links – TV Portrait and Dao Index

    Two Links – TV Portrait and Dao Index

    Two links: I recently posted that a portrait of me would be shown on a Chinese and Austrian TV channel. It was broadcast on May 27th in Austria and May 30th in China. Read more

  • Bada Shanren Fish – Daoist Talks (IX)

    Bada Shanren Fish – Daoist Talks (IX)

    Ziran is a fundamental concept in Taoism that can be understood as “naturalness” or “spontaneity.” It refers to the inherent nature and self-so of all things, emphasizing the importance of following the natural flow of the universe rather than resisting or attempting to control it. Read more

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