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This journal deals with different topics related to Friedrich Zettl’s artwork, articles on fine arts, related announcements, and art theory. The focus is on subjects related to Chinese art and philosophy like Daoism and Zen-Buddhism.

  • the magic sea

    the magic sea

    Magic Sea Opera: Even if the idea that I would like to present today might sound unrealistic or at least utopian at first, I would by no means see it as unfeasible. Namely, the idea of an opera as a total work of art, in which the visual part is the actor Read more

  • I promised you the sky

    I promised you the sky

    In my penultimate post of photos with stones and sand from my last trip to Egypt, I promised to also show the sky. And so the chapter on Egypt comes to a close. As reported, I had the chance to take master classes with the greatest artist of all time: Mother Nature. Read more

  • The Valley of the Kings

    The Valley of the Kings

    The Valley of the Kings: Showing photos of Luxor & Co, especially Panorama or the well-known murals, doesn’t make much sense. I would therefore like to show a few detailed shots that are less well-known or that are easily overlooked. Read more

  • Back from Egypt trip – stones and sands

    Back from Egypt trip – stones and sands

    My Egypt trip came to an end. Here is a small selection of a series of photos taken by the sea in Hurghada and area. Stones and sand were the focus. Read more

  • The children’s book of my last post

    The children’s book of my last post

    The children’s book of my last post is not a project in progress, it’s just a play around. If you want to play, play with us! Now that I have started with the topic and my last post on it received such positive feedback, I would like to write a little more about it. Thanks… Read more

  • new horizon

    new horizon

    A few weeks ago I came across a meditation where you should practice the following: Sit on a high level and imagine the wide horizon in front of you. Easy. But then: “Imagine the wide horizon BEHIND you”. And then the horizon left and right. That changed a few things for me. Read more

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