art theory

Drafts for the Corona series and questions about them

draft for corona series blinds
For one of my exhibitions, which will be shown in Vienna next year, I chose the topic around covid-19. I think this is a subject that might be of some interest. We all suffered and still suffer from it in one form or another and so I thought that it might be of interest to see how a painter experienced the time, but above all how he implemented the phenomenon artistically.
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painting about a love poem

landscape after Brecht poem Reminiscence of Marie A.
Lately I've started some work on clouds. The point is not to represent different cloud formations true to nature, but to give the clouds a meaning that goes beyond "being a cloud". Poem by Berthold Brecht.
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article by me in the China Report

China Report 50 years diplomatic relations
The "China Report" # 179 is dedicated to the 50 years of diplomatic relations between Austria and China. As it is a special anniversary, the authors are particularly prominent in this issue. Austrian President van der Bellen, Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang, former Austrian and Chinese ambassadors, Federal Chancellor Kurz, to name just a few, wrote contributions on the occasion.
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if sharks were people

graphic with two blossoms ink painting on hemp paper
Among other things, Berthold Brecht wrote short stories, the "Stories from Mr. Keuner" are particularly well known. I would like to present a story here. If the sharks were people.
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