abstract paintings

Drafts for the Corona series and questions about them

draft for corona series blinds
For one of my exhibitions, which will be shown in Vienna next year, I chose the topic around covid-19. I think this is a subject that might be of some interest. We all suffered and still suffer from it in one form or another and so I thought that it might be of interest to see how a painter experienced the time, but above all how he implemented the phenomenon artistically.
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painting about a love poem

landscape after Brecht poem Reminiscence of Marie A.
Lately I've started some work on clouds. The point is not to represent different cloud formations true to nature, but to give the clouds a meaning that goes beyond "being a cloud". Poem by Berthold Brecht.
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painted calligraphy

abstract composition with four objects
Since I'm not Chinese, one might wonder why I attach so much importance to this aspect of art. There are essentially 3 reasons: I consider traditional Chinese calligraphy to be one of the most challenging and superior art forms.
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power, elegance and savageness

composition red black
I continue to paint a lot, but it's getting harder and harder to surpass previous work. Maybe they look pretty much the same for some viewers anyway. For me, however, it is about certain issues that I would like to perfect over time.
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gestural painting a step further

composition in pink and black
The works from the series “gestural abstraction” now have content. No content in the sense that one is now figuratively led in a certain direction, but that psychological sensitivities or concepts from psychoanalysis are taken up.
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burning down the snow

surreal painting burning snow
There has long been a phrase in my ideas treasure chest: burning snow. I'm not sure if this is a creation from myself. Probably born out of my intellectual confrontation with Schubert's "Winterreise". It can just as well come from a poem or even a pop song.
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white black red

white black red gestural art
As in most of my work ideas from Chinese painting and calligraphy flow into them. I would like to take this opportunity to point out a special aspect that is of essential importance for the understanding of East Asian art: the importance of the non-represented, the nothing, the white.
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tryptich finished

mountain part or tryptich III
The title of this tryptich is mountain. In principle it shows 3 mountain peaks which together form a mountain. Just like the Chinese character for mountain 3 represents mountain peaks.
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