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chinese seal carving

antique chinese seal
The Essence of Chinese Painting Part 4. Chinese seal carving. Chinese painting is closely related to the art of seal cutting and, of course, above all to calligraphy. These 3 genres have not only mutually fertilized each other over the centuries.
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new page with Mao poems

Mao Poem Let 100 Flowers bloom 百花齐放
A new page has been added. It is primarily a series of works using ancient graphics, lithographs and documents. Poems or slogans by Chairman Mao Zedong were painted over them. Mao poems mao poems 毛泽东诗
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new homepage

calligraphy artwork by friedrich zettl
In order to be able to realize this project better both as a homepage and as a blog, we have put a new homepage online: This page will be continued as usual.
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new category: key works

graphic with fetish artwork by friedrich zettl
On this page works are presented that show my development in art. They are not necessarily listed in chronological order, but they do document the time periods quite well. Details will be added from time to time. Please check:
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leaves and blossoms

flying leaves - artwork by friedrich zettl
For some time now I have been playing with dried leaves and flowers. At first it was bookmarks in order to develop a feeling for this new media, soon afterwards there were works on paper and finally overpainted oil paintings. withered leaves, blossoms and flowers
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painted calligraphy by friedrich zettl
As so often, I start to work on 2 or more pictures at the same time. In this case, it is primarily the size of the character on the right that makes the difference in the appearance of the image. Which of the two will ultimately last has not yet been decided.
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