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I presented a triptych a few days ago [LINK]. As is so often the case, the underlying idea has not been shelved for me and so I wanted to see what a variant could look like. So I created another work to replace one of the triptychs.

The first version looks like this.

tryptich walzing corona

new version for replacement

I do not think the new constellation is really better and will therefore leave the original variant as such. The new version can stand as a single work. But I wanted to introduce the variant.

offered at artmajeur

Zettl Fine Arts

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8 comments on “triptych variant

I appreciate that you take time to explain your process and share your knowledge. Understanding a little of the history and symbolism makes them even more beautiful.

Thank you so much! I am very happy you like it!

I like the rich colors and depth of field in the new variant.

Thank you! That was my initial consideration. And also to create a kind of counterpoint. Maybe I’ll try another variant again.

stunning colors!💖

Thank you so much! Glad you like it!

You are very kind! Many thanks!

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