about my surrealist work

morning meditation painting

a few samples of my surreal paintings and graphics

When I started painting decades ago, the first few years were marked by surrealism. Mainly because I was more concerned with literature and I soon came across authors like André Breton or Paul Éluard, whose ideas fascinated and influenced me.

At the very beginning I did collages in the sense of the early French surrealists. This was followed by a series of oil paintings that dealt with surrealism.

But at this time, surrealism as a concept for art was already a little out of fashion. Expressionism and later Asian art exerted a greater influence on me and have essentially not lost their appeal to this day.

Later there were periods again when I incorporated surreal elements into my pictures. But these were always only short phases.

mixed media girl and threats
the awakening

With the new painting technique that I have recently developed, dreamy elements can be created well and that I have dealt with psychology a lot again, it is not surprising that surrealism is again more in my field of vision. But unlike the old guard of surrealists, they are semi-abstract works – and yet with a surreal touch.

morning meditation painting
morning meditation with my friends the stone painting
morning meditation

In between there are always phases in which surrealism breaks through. But most of the time it just keeps playing around with ideas without actually finishing them.


I’ve put together a page to showcase some of my past and new surreal work.
So if you want to see more: new surrealism concepts

Zettl Friedrich

alive and well and having fun

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Thank you so much! (Sorry for dealy in replying – somehow your comment was in the spam-folder. Seems more people face that recently):

Fascinating work processes – thank you for sharing

Thank you, Lin Barrie! Yes, sometimes it is surprising where the journey in art brings us.

So perhaps this chapter of your artistry might be neo-surrealism without boundaries. (just my assessment)

Thank you! Yes, well said. In general, I am not a fan of thinking in terms of “drawers” (little boxes, little boxes …) and therefore I do not strive to find my place in one of these drawers. But of course we all go through a development in our life and take one or the other with us from this journey, which then shapes us and ideally takes us a few steps further.

interesting to trace your path… I quite like the blue stone morning meditation… I get an imagination what it is like to have the consciousness of a mineral.

Thank you! Stones indeed play an important part in my life. Referring to them as friends probably is because there is an old story about a great Chinese artist, Su Shi. He had a big stone in his garden, greeted it everyday with respect and called it his friend.

Fascinating mistery in all of them.

Thank you, Roxane for your kind words! They mean a lot to me! May I use this oportunity to wish you a Happy New Year filled with joy and good luck!

It’s a pleasure to have the best wishes coming from someone so special and sophisticated person. The same to you, much more than the best for 2022…

Thank you, Roxane! With such kind words at the beginning of the year, nothing can go wrong. Cheers to you!

Amazing! Nice work, Friedrich!

Thank you so much for your kind words, they mean a lot to me! All the best!

Excellent. I really like your surrealist pictures.

Thank you very much! It means a lot to me.

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