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abstract composition with four objects
Chinese calligraphy and modern expression

Since I’m not Chinese, one might wonder why I attach so much importance to this aspect of art. There are essentially 3 reasons: I consider traditional Chinese calligraphy to be one of the most challenging and superior art forms. Only after years of diligent practice can you reach a level that is satisfactory for yourself and for the trained viewer.

Probably no living calligrapher, whether Chinese or Westerner, is enough to match the former great Chinese masters. The challenge for living artists is to create something that at least honors the old ideas and also conveys modern content.

overpainted calligraphy

Another, personal reason is that calligraphy itself is a challenge, with the mastery of which I can see in myself whether and how far I am developing. This can best be compared to classical music. For years you play certain pieces by Bach, for example, and based on the theoretical and practical implementation you can see whether there is progress or you are standing still.

traditional calligraphy

And thirdly, for me personally it is the ideal medium to explore the new territory of abstract art from my earlier years of figurative painting. In addition to this modern work, I also try to advance in traditional calligraphy.

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There are a good many “likes” but no comments for this amazing post. Why?
I find your expression of honouring the old ideas but conveying modern content, to be perfectly acceptable for moving forward in any creative form. I’m reminded of a book by Stephen Addiss “The Art of Zen” and wish I could follow your example of calligraphy, both traditional and as a modern expression.

Thank you Ashley for your kind words. Yes, Stephen Addiss “The Art of Zen” is very good and there are a number of other important books on it. I’ve been dealing with it for over 40 years now and have got the impression that topics like Zen in general arouse interest in western art lovers, but the philosophy behind them is too difficult to understand. If you haven’t done the calligraphy yourself, you can only understand part of the subject. Even with paintings, we usually cling too much to colors and themes …..

Very nice drawing

Thank you so much, Asgar! Your kind words mean a lot to me! All the best!

Dear Sir, Thank you for introducing me to Chinese Calligraphy. Your work is beautiful to peruse.

Thank you so much Anand! I am so happy to hear this….

You are welcome Sir

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